Friday’s Letters – February 22

friday's lettersDear DirtBike and Architect – HA! I saw you with my own two eyes serving food  and clearing tables at the Giving Wings Dinner last night!  The truth is out:  you really do know know it’s done.

Do ya know what this means?

It means that at home, I should never have to remind you ever again to set and clear the dinner table!  Mwahahahaha!!  By the way, you both looked so grown up, working as waiters. You did a great job, not spilling anything on anyone’s lap.  Your Dad and I are very proud of you.

Dear Jim & Kathy -  I am continually astounded, year after year, of the amazing love and generosity that Stephen’s memory inspires.  We are honored to serve the foundation, doing what we can to help make a positive impact in our community.

Dear Linda - You win the prize for best picture ever!

It's SO CUTE!!!

It’s. So. CUTE!!!!

Dear Mr. ElkoWow.  Just Wow.  Your speech last night was amazing.  The two phrases that are rattling in my head today are “Let go of your need to be right” and “BE a blessing”.  You left me with much to ponder.

Linking up with the Ladies at Suscipio.

Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

One thought on “Friday’s Letters – February 22

  1. Congratulations; it looks like you have two more pairs of hands to depend on for upkeep around the house! And that baby giraffe is really a cutie. Although “cute” won’t be an appropriate word soon enough :-)

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