Friday’s Letters – Silver Lining Edition – February 21

Friday's Letters

Dear Chemotherapy - You are not the funnest thing I’ve ever done; however, you’re not the worst thing either.  In fact, there are some very tangible, appreciable GOOD things about you! Since you’re so maligned and Jane Public generally thinks you’re terrifying, I thought I would post some of your benefits here today.

  • You’re very good at what you do.  Kill All the Cells!
  • Everyone I meet comments about how great I look – glowing skin, etc.  Yep.  It’s true. My skin is super smooth, fresh and soft.  Even the calluses on the feet are gone. I’m getting a full body chemical peel from the inside out.
  • You’ve killed my sweet tooth, especially for ice cream.  Sweet foods taste terrible to me right now.  I’m not even tempted by an open bag of Dove chocolates.
  • Perfect Hair. Every. Single. Day.
  • You’ve given me loads of extra time every morning for snoozing and eating a leisurely breakfast – No hair to blow dry! No shaving!
  • I’ve met some incredibly nice, compassionate and amazing folks at the local Chemo Bar.

  There’s Good In Everything.  Keep the Faith.

angela pea

Friday’s Letters – December 27, 2013

friday's letters

Dear Pink Wig Maker  -  FUN!!!

2013.12.27 Pink

No, really?!  Why can’t I wear this to work, Daughters?  Can’t you just see me making presentations at public meetings with cotton candy pink hair?

Dear Louise – First, CONGRATULATIONS on getting the port removed and officially kicking cancer’s behind!!  Second, thank you for the big ol’ Box-o-Scarves-and-Headwraps!  I’ll wear them with great hope, and when I finish hauling my own fanny out of the Chemo Valley, I’ll pass them on to the next friend.  (I love love love the splashy purple/teal/grey one!!)

Dear Tempting Chocolate Covered Chocolate Marshmallows – Frauds!!  You look so pretty on the front of the box, so delectable, luscious and yummy.  Sadly, you didn’t deliver the chocolaty goodness I was expecting. That’s okay, though; I didn’t need the caloric bump any way!.  

Dear Winter Weather - Please get cold again, and stay that way.  It’s too much to handle dragging the coats out for 48 hours and then putting them away again.  Better still, just stay on the warmer side, because it’s rather sad to get all excited about going for a quick bike ride only to step out into the sunshine and discover that it’s really only about 34 degrees so I have to go back in and add another layer of spandex.

 Keep the Faith.

angela pea

Minutes – October 7, 2013


praying for my family, especially my kids.  Cherry Ames  is almost finished with college and her world is about to open up three/four/five-fold.  I pray for her to make wise decisions, to hold fast to her faith, and that she finds a wonderful job!  Princess Pea is negotiating the leap from the Blinn Community College to A&M Proper.  I pray that the process is a simple and seamless as the TAPS Counselor(s) have promised her, and that she continues to do so very, very well in her studies. The Architect is growing up quickly; he’s more of a man and less of a child every day.  I pray that he continues to be steadfast and loyal. DirtBike – child of my heart – is doing so much better in school this year.  I pray that he continues to work hard, and that he doesn’t become discouraged when things don’t go so well; a good dose of heaven-sent persistence.


I actually went to the Doctor for some ongoing issues. More tests to be done before we panic.  Please keep me in your prayers.


Prayer, and ways to make it seamless within the passing of my days.


I washed the curtains from the living room and dining room this weekend.  I love the way they look blowing about on the line.  I remember running through sheets on my Mom’s clothesline when I was a kid.  It was the best part of laundry day!


It’s time to tackle a really, really big project.  Like seriously big.  We’ve saved up the money and we’ll make the time – so here’s the commitment:   we are remodeling our kitchen, fixing up the bathrooms and replacing the flooring in our house!!!

We have lived in this house for 21 years now, and this is our first remodel. (Don’t judge…we were too busy raising kids to replace the carpets.)  This is going to be my “creative” report for the next many months.  First step?  I’m writing down the plan in my head for The Project (as it will now be named), with complete task lists and DEADLINES.  I will share this plan with Mr. Pea, and make him sign his name on it, because I don’t want this to drag on forever.  I will also make him pinkie-promise that if the schedule starts to slide, he will either take vacation time and work on The Project full-time, or he will let me hire a contractor to finish it.  I NEED a kitchen, folks!  I’ve been using a dying oven for three years (it’s been totally kaput since June of this year)  and now the microwave is acting funky, too. Cabinet doors are breaking daily, and the floors? Let me just say that you should never, ever try to keep carpeting more than a decade. It really does need to be replaced, especially if you’re raising kids and have pets of any sort.

Let the craziness begin!


  • Steak, Mashed Potatotes, Spinach Salad
  • Turkey Sandwiches on Croissants and Veggie Soup
  • Chili Frito Pie (Thanks, Jenny, for the idea!)
  • Barbeque Chicken, Green Beans and Something Else
  • Veggie Lasagna, if I can figure out how to ‘bake’ it in a crockpot
  • Grilled Ginger Orange Salmon, Saffron Rice and Peas
  • Bean Soup with Ham, Cornbread Muffins (baked in my friend’s kitchen)


DirtBike and Miss J

DirtBike and Miss J – Homecoming Dance

::looking ahead

Busy week of school, work projects and, of course, The Project.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my beautiful daughters, because everyone should be able to enjoy such a delightful sight!

Princess Pea and Cherry Ames

And another picture of DirtBike, because he’s so handsome, too!


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