Observations – December 9, 2014

You know how there are some mornings when you wake up feeling rushed and then you scurry through the morning routine and only realize later that you forgot something?


Uh-huh. Note to self:  rinse the lid to the coffee cup after you wash it. Soapy coffee isn’t all that.

Keep the Faith.

angela pea

Friday’s Letters – December 5, 2014

Friday's Letters

Dear CT Scan - Why do you have the ability to make me as nervous as a cat in a rocking chair store?  I’ve been on edge for an entire week now, and it will be several more days until I know your results.

Dear Building Owners – Thank you for these pretty poinsettias that greet me every workday morning at the elevator!

2014.12.05 Poinsettia

Keep the Faith.

angela pea

Notes – December 3, 2014

How are you being crafty this week?  The pink socks are finished, so I’ve pulled out a work-in-progress that’s also been on my needles for a while:  my own Color Affection.  The yarn is a luscious blend of baby alpaca and bamboo – I cannot wait to wear this wrap!

2014.12.03 2014.12.03(2)

Yarn – Classic Elite Vail in Chestnut and Parchment colorways, and Villa in Amethyst.

And that adorable project bag?  An original from Wanda at Reinventing Mother.  She has a Etsy shop, Drawstrings, for her beautiful bags, and they’re 15% off this week with the coupon code CYBERWEEK14.  Fabric bags are wonderful alternatives to wrapping paper….go check out Wanda’s store.  Her work is absolutely impeccable, and she finds the prettiest fabrics to create with!

Reading?   Advent Devotions with Jenny at The Littlest Way submittals for utility installations, concrete mix designs and geotechnical lab reports.  I miss the Outlander books!!

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

angela pea