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Dear Sons…

When you both were small, shorter than me, and still convinced that I had magic powers, you did many naughty little boy things because, well, because you were naughty little boys. Like the time you painted your face with red lipstick, Architect, and I about had a heart attack because I thought you were bleeding.  Or when you put on a superman cape and jumped off the top of the bookcase trying to fly.  And you, Dirtbike!  I remember the day you learned how to use scissors.  You shredded my pajama legs into strips, cutting just as high as you could reach as they hung on the hook by my closet door.

You still occasionally do really odd things that can only be attributed to an overabundance of testosterone that squashes the common sense section of  your collection of brain cells.  Like putting cans of soda into the deep freeze to see if they will explode. (Yes, they will.)

I really didn’t mind cleaning the sticky goo from inside the freezer this morning, because it was time to defrost the thing anyway.  It was the little surprise I found under the bags of peas and lima beans that set my mind spinning.

Why is there a dead lizard chomped onto a crouton at the bottom of the freezer?  On second thought, I don’t really want to know.
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8 thoughts on “Dear Sons…

  1. My husband was napping and I laughed so loudly I woke him up! My sons so far haven’t brought dead animals into the house, but the guys at work like to put the dried, expired lizards they find at random locations around the office on my desk.

    Of course, it’s the reception desk which means when consultants and contractor wander through, there’s occasionally some explaining to do…

  2. Oh my, now that is funny. I found a fish in my freezer one. Stuck to the hook because, my son said, he and his friend had gone fishing and both didn’t want to touch the fish so they brought it home and put it in the fridge until I got home. I wasn’t gone that long, someone forgot and about cleaning time I found it frozen with a worm in it’s mouth and the bobber still attached to the line. You know something else, that same fish is still in my freezer, however I did bag it to save for one of those moments when it’s just the right time to bring it out for show and tell, you know that time …. the time the first girlfriend comes home for show and tell.
    Take care and have a great day. Blessings my friend.

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