Friday’s Letters – August 24

friday's letters

Dear Roxie- Thank You! Thank You!  It was so nice of you to walk all the way back to the LBS with me after the flat tire curtailed the Wednesday ride.  I am absolutely delighted to find that you are just as gracious and generous in person as your writing portrays.  The boys assured me that the ride to the north side was ‘kinda-cool’ but there were some shady parts when they were glad to be in the group.  Oh, and I have learned my lesson and now have a spare-to-my-spare packed on Princess Grace.  I owe you a tire lever, too. 

Dear DirtBike – You totally shocked the heck out of Dad and me last night. Dad went over to tell you to turn off the lights and go to sleep, and what did he find?  You.  Sitting on the bed, studying. For a quiz that you have today.  Studying!  Without being prompted!!  Without  being reminded!  The world is a miraculous place.

Dear Cherry Ames –  Wow.  You are now officially an adult.  Totally legit and legal.  Thank you for being such an amazing person.  We’re very, very proud of you and love you huge as a moose.

Dear Weatherman – You have been elevated to superhero status because you said, “We are done with hundred degree days for this year.”  You do realize that if we get a 100 degree day now, many angry people may show up at the studio and throw sunscreen at you, right?

Dear Max – The girls are okay, safe and happy at school.  Other humans in this house love you, too, and bring you kibble and take you for a walk.  Please stop moping around the house. There is nothing sadder than a sad dog.

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