Minutes – September 19, 2016

::thankful – for so many things, especially for plans coming together for Cherry Ames’ and Fireman Dan’s wedding.  Six weeks and counting!!  I have not yet puddled into a blubbering sobbing mess; but then again, I’ve quite purposefully been staying away from childhood photo albums. And bridal magazines.  And sad movies/books/podcasts. And pictures of kittens.

::healthy – Oh yes!  Walking at least six miles a day or more, yoga-ing several times a week and I’ve been checking out the rowing machine in the gym.  It has this little game on the screen thingy that has fishes swimming.  Your rowing makes the fish move and you try to both a) eat other fish while b)not getting eaten by the bigger fish.  Yes, I’m easily entertained.


Mr. Pea and I rode fourteen miles on gravel Sunday morning.  Knobby tires on unpaved roads!  It was glorious, even if the flickering light through the trees tends to make me feel seasick (bikesick?). Autumn is on its way, my friends.  The sumacs are starting their slow slide into flame red and the Shumard oaks are just starting to show bronze tips.

::creative – I’ve been knitting like a fool.  It’s keeping me calm. Nothing that can be shown here, but not because of scandalousness.  Because of Christmas Surprises. And because it’s too much effort to go find my camera.

Princess Pea has been amazingly creative lately with her photos!  Her latest wedding session is absolutely stunning.  AND!!  One of her self portraits was shared on an artist’s site = Squeeee!!  Check it out here!

::delicious – ugh ugh and double ugh.  Dog days of summer, combined with crazy work and school schedules and I’m only feeling up to leftovers and sandwiches.  I did make cheeseburgers yesterday, because it was national cheeseburger day!  Today, though?  Leftover pasta for Mr. Pea and Mom Pea, and I made myself a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, because the boys noshed on the pasta this afternoon and there was only enough left for two people. Tomorrow – chicken tenders and green beans, and the rest of the week is up for grabs.  I vote for watermelon and ice cream.  Or maybe cereal.  The kind that’s vitamin fortified.  (Do cereal makers still do that?)

Keep the Faith.

angela pea


One thought on “Minutes – September 19, 2016

  1. Good morning. A wedding, WOW…..and the pictures are beautiful. I can’t wait to see your dress, and you in it. A picture or two please. Fall is coming, well really tomorrow it will officially be here but our colors are changing and the temps are sweatshirt weather in the mornings. Take care my dear Angela and have the most blessed hump day ever.

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