Minutes – February 27, 2017

::thankful – for my amazing kids.  They really are wonderful.

Note – That’s Chris, Katie, Jessica and Kevin…previously only known on my blog as DirtBike, Cherry Ames, Princess Pea and The Architect.  They are all adults now, so you may know their names.

This was taken in the bridal room, right before Katie walked down the aisle last October.  It marks the end of this season in Mr. Pea’s and my life, the end of raising children.  They are not completely independent yet – the boys still have a few years of college left – but they really aren’t children any more.  They all have jobs, friends, and interests that don’t include Mom and Dad every moment of the day, and we’re okay with that!  Mr. Pea and I are no longer directors.  We are embracing our new roles as consultants as we launch these fantastic young adults into the world.

::creative – Mercy.  I’ve been busy. Still knitting.  You can see it all over on Ravelry.

::healthy – Ugh. and  Ratdamn. I have  two fractured bones in my foot.  How, you ask? Nothing glamorous or exciting.  I wasn’t rescuing a kitten, or playing soccer, or even doing heavy labor.  I simply tripped over thin air and fell, landing full weight on my right foot.  I was in a boot for two weeks, and have now graduated to a full foot brace which can be work with tennis shoes.  Most of the bruising has faded, but dang it’s uncomfortable!  I won’t be running marathons any time soon.  I wouldn’t normally be running marathons anyway, but you know what I mean.

Watch where you step.

Keep the Faith

angela pea


3 thoughts on “Minutes – February 27, 2017

  1. Oh my dear Angela, ouch that sounds like it hurts. I hope you heal fast. It is great to see you kids and have names to go with them. You have a very awesome looking family. Glad to read all is good. Ups and downs like normal but good none the less.
    Take care and have a terrific weekend.

  2. Angela, just stopping by and checking in. Hope that life is treating you well. I lost my daddy 2 months ago so it’s been difficult here. 2017 has been hard.
    Just wanted to say hi and take care.

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