Days of Thanksgiving – November 22, 2015

  • cooler weather!
  • new opportunities
  • health insurance
  • new curtains in the family room
  • husband who so patiently installed new curtain rods and hung said curtains
  • christmas lights
  • peppermint candles
  • cinnamon spice tea
  • adult(ish) children who call me on the first cold day and ask how to make chili
  • finding new opportunities for growth and learning
  • warm, soft, fuzzy sweater
  • Aggie football!
  • tailgating
  • knitting for loved ones
  • crock pot
  • The Return of Bluebell Icecream!!!

angela pea


Days of Thanksgiving – November 6, 2105

  • My future son-in-law, Fireman Dan.  Cherry Ames will be marrying him on October 22, 2016!!Fireman Dan
  • yoga – finding what feels good!
  • caring doctors and counselors
  • [somewhat] cooler weather
  • starbucks caramel coffee….natural flavoring, no chemical blech
  • my continuing dance with NED…I am almost to the two year milestone, and still No Evidence of Disease.

angela pea


Friday’s Letters – August 28, 2015

Friday's Letters

Dear Summer – You have been incredibly kind to us this year, holding back [slightly] the triple digit temperatures.  Thank you.

Dear Las Vegas – Wow.  You are just as amazing as I imagined  We had a marvelous time, and can’t wait to visit again.




Do something spontaneous….like running off to Las Vegas!!

angela pea


Minutes – July 20, 2015


  • rain!  It’s July, and we’re still green.  There are still tomatoes on the vines and flowers blooming!
  • new opportunities
  • blueberries, watermelon and peaches


  • praying for Jenny and her family, for peace and comfort as they grieve the loss of her Grandfather
  • praying for patience, my own and others’
  • praying for Grace, for peace

::excited –  I’ve been quiet here at the blog, because big life shifts are happening again.  I have left my job as a consultant engineer, and accepted a senior position at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics.  I actually interviewed for the job back in May; it has taken several months to complete the security clearance, wrap up projects and hand them off to other managers, and to tell all of my clients.  I am now on vacation until the end of August!!  Longest vacation I’ve ever had!!

::wistful –  We’ve signed a lease for The Architect’s apartment.  He leaves for college in just a few short weeks.

::healthy  Biking is happening!  Now that the rains have let up a bit, I’ve had a couple of long rides (20+ miles), a handful of middling rides (15-ish miles) and dozens of short sprints.  I’m adapting to the decreased lung capacity (chemo related pulmonary toxicity) and my legs are returning!


  • Garlic Lime Salmon, Salad
  • Leftovers
  • Homemade Macaroni and Cheese, Grilled Sausage and Green Beans
  • Taco Salad
  • Grilled Pork Chops and Ratatouille
  • Turkey Panninis, Strawberries
  • Grilled Veggie Pizzas

::fun – It’s summer time!  Both The Architect and DirtBike are working.  I’m starting up a BIG project – redecorating our bedroom.  I’m talking about a serious re-do, with new tile work, flooring, paint, light fixtures and other hardware.  We’ve been married for almost 30 years, and have always had someone else’s leftover furniture, curtains, bedspread, etc. I’ve decorated the kids’ rooms several times over as they were growing up, but never my own. It’s going to be grand!!

Keep the Faith.

angela pea

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Notes – June 10, 2015

2015.06.10Why, yes! Yes this IS my own Color Affection, and I’ve finally made it to the border!!  I’ve been knitting away on this forever, a few rows at a time, and now the end it in sight.  I have another skein of purple, so this border may end up about three inches wide…I’m just going to knit until I run out of yarn.

I’m using Classic Elite Vail (naturally colored grey and cream) and Villa (dyed purple).  It’s a lusciously soft alpaca and bamboo blend.

Reading this week – not much.  I’m spending time with Dorothy Levitt, my road bike!

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

angela pea


Minutes – June 1, 2015


  • today!
  • sunshine!


  • patience
  • my children, as they take even bigger steps towards adulthood

::pondering – time.  Egads, it’s been months since I’ve published any minutes.  I feel like a hamster on a wheel, running at full speed but getting absolutely nowhere.  I’m pulled between caring for my family, tending to Mom Pea’s ever increasing physical needs, and work.  I’d like to have 30 hours in a day, please, and to be able to function and stay healthy on only four hours of sleep.

::healthy –  It’s been one year since my last chemo.  I have hair again, and it’s super curly now.  I have scans coming in up in the next week or so, along with my one year checkup.  Please keep me in your prayers for continued remission.

We haven’t been biking much this month. Most of the bike trails and favorite road routes are still under water from the tremendous amount of rain we’ve had.  Have you heard?  Our drought is over!


  • Steak, Ranch Potato Salad, Spinach Salad
  • Leftovers
  • Adobo Chicken, Pinto Beans, Spinach Salad
  • Turkey Panninis, Strawberries
  • Grilled Salmon, Asian Slaw and Peas
  • Tacos
  • Veggie Soup and Sandwiches

::fun – The Architect graduated from high school, and my parents were able to join us.  Commencement was a wonderful day with lots of friends and family around to share it.  See all those ropes, medals, and collars thingies draped around his neck?  He graduated summa cum laude, has been handed a full academic scholarship to college (YEAH!!) and is ready to fly!

Kevin Graduation

Left to Right:  Cherry Ames, DirtBike, The Architect, Princess Pea, Me, Mr. Pea, My Parents, Mom Pea (in the wheelchair)  Ignore the random guy in the background!

::this week –  Mr. Pea and I have been married for Twenty Nine Years.  TWENTY NINE YEARS!!  We did manage to sneak away and go out to dinner on Saturday evening at our most favorite “special occasion” restaurant, the Lonesome Dove.  Chef Love was in the house that night, and sent us champagne with our dessert.

Keep the Faith.

angela pea