Book Review – Care for Creation

I was invited to provide a book review for Christy Baldwin’s chidren’s book Care for Creation 

We hear and see the phrase “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” daily.  It’s woven through the programming on the Discovery Channel and Planet Earth, and just about any blog you surf through has the phrase plastered in the header.  
Do we really know what it means? Do we live it? Do we pass it on to our children?
The word stewardship is often associated with the words “tithe,” “generosity,” and “money.” While these associations are not wrong, stewardship means much more than simply giving time, talent, and treasure. We are also called by God to be faithful stewards to all of His creation.  We do not own the earth and its resources; rather, they belong to God and we are responsible for caring for them and sharing them for the benefit of humanity.
As explained in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2402: In the beginning God entrusted the earth and its resources to the common stewardship of mankind to take care of them, master them by labor, and enjoy their fruits. The goods of creation are destined for the whole human race.”
Furthermore Catechism, no. 2415 notes:

“The seventh commandment enjoins respect for the integrity of creation. Animals, like plants and inanimate beings, are by nature destined for the common good of past, present, and future humanity. Use of the mineral, vegetable, and animal resources of the universe cannot be divorced from respect for moral imperatives. Man’s dominion over inanimate and other living beings granted by the Creator is not absolute; it is limited by concern for the quality of life of his neighbor, including generations to come; it requires a religious respect for the integrity of creation.”

In this meaningful and inspiring book, Christy Baldwin gives parents a way to share the message of stewardship with their children.  The charming colorful illustrations are delightful, and the Bible verses enforce God’s call to stewardship.  This book is a powerful tool for families to explore the notion of how living responsibly can make a difference in our world, and how it can preserve and protect our resources for generations to come.

Care for Creation would make a wonderful gift for a young child!

About the Author

Writing has been a passion of Christy’s since she was very young. As a child, she loved to write stories for her grandfather and poems just for fun. She lives in Mason, Ohio with her family and is active in church, Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and volunteering with various organizations. Christy has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Cedarville University and a master’s degree in Special Education from the University of Scranton. She is a stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her kids and being involved in their schools. Her previous children’s titles include Nine Things Nathan Noticed at Night and Remembering Wilma.

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Book Review – Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life

I was thrilled to be asked to provide a book review for Karina Lumbert Fabian & Deacon Steven Lumbert’s Why God Matters:  How to Recognize Him in Daily Life. 

Let me start with – I loved this book. It is such a wonderful testament to God and how His love fills our lives in the simplest ways , astonishing us with his abundant grace.
I am not a cradle Catholic; I was raised in the Methodist church, in a devout and committed family, and spent my childhood involved in Bible study, church choir, and youth activities. I met my husband, and started attending mass with him. My parents – especially my mom – were devastated at what they perceived to be a horrible affront to my upbringing. My husband and I were married in the Methodist church, but I promised him that I would raise our children Catholic, and that I would consider converting.
It took me another nine years to make that decision, but once it was made, I knew that it was right for me, for my husband, for our two daughters, and later, for our two sons. I am still growing in faith, and realized long ago that it isn’t the huge, life-changing moments that shape our faith relationship with God, but the constant, steady everyday expression of love that binds us to Him! The life lessons presented in Why God Matters spoke to me in so many ways, I’m not sure I could pick a single one that didn’t address some aspect of my life as I know it! The one that is still resonating with me a week later is “Great faith is not achieved at once, but in small steps over time.” Finding God in the ordinariness of every day life – I can’t think of a better way to explore and expand my own faith journey.
I like the way each chapters tell a very real life story and then shows the lesson learned. Each chapter is rounded out with Biblical references and quotes from Catechism of the Catholic Church. Like Ms. Fabian states, “I want a relationship with God. I just don’t want it to be “personal.” I want a relationship that encompasses all of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. One where he is all-powerful as he is all loving, where he listens to my trivial concerns with benevolence and maybe amusement–yet one where I can rage and share all and come crawling to him when I’m weak and confess my wrongdoings, knowing that no matter how small and wretched I am, he will be there for me, because after all, he is God.”
It truly is the simple moments in our lives where we find God. Ms. Fabian and Deacon Lumbert gently remind us of that with their book Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life.

Want more?  Click here to read an excerpt from Chapter Two.  You won’t regret it.