Minutes – October 27, 2014

::thankful – for returning to the Land of the Living!

::praying for – healing for Mr. Pea’s knee after surgery; for my children; for rain.

::remission – recovery has been rocky, which explains my long absence.  The hole in my shoulder just refused to heal, so I was referred to a Wound Care and Infectious Disease Specialist.  Turns out that the original infection was more than just plain vanilla….I had staph.  It took ten weeks (forever and a day) of antibiotics, dressing changes, doctor visits, more antibiotics, collagen, and enough über expensive special bandaids to cover a small army until the infection cleared and the hole in my shoulder healed and closed up. After months of gross and discomfort, I’m happy to report that I am completely encased in skin once again and feeling quite chipper.

::fun – In fact, I’m feeling chipper enough to put some more miles on my bike!  I made a ten-mile ride on a dirt trail a few weeks ago with the family, and this past weekend I rode with the Bombshells in a local charity ride.  It was so wonderful to see everyone again, and to be seen.  And Thank You, Roxie, for staying behind the group and riding at my slower pace and shorter distance, and for graciously stopping to rest along the route with me. Believe me, my strength is ten-fold what it was a few months ago and I hope to be able to keep up with everyone soon!

::delicious – Can I just wing it this week?  There’s a batch of butternut squash soup in the fridge,and the makings of Chili for Friday, but beyond that, I’m just not with it!

::creative – The Architect informed me he needs “Pirate Boots” for Halloween, and then proceeds to come home from work with some pieces of leather looking fabric.  Genius that I am, I whipped up a pair of boot covers for his old cowboy boots.  I love projects like this!! (The Architect cleaned and polished his boots after this picture was taken….they “blend” better now with the covers.)

2014.10.27 Pirate Boots

::this week – Work and school, and a Scary Nighttime Ride with the Mayor!

Keep the Faith.

angela pea