Friday! Friday! Friday!

Greetings, Chickies!  Yes, it’s Friday!  My favorite day of the week.  Seriously – what’s not to love? 
  • Teens usually don’t have homework that requires me to read several chapters in their texts to refresh my aged memory before I can answer “How To” homework questions.  (For crying out loud – it’s been TWENTY SEVEN years since I took Calculus!) 
  • The entire weekend with all the fun is just laying there smiling at me, all ready to enjoy.
  • Friday is my clear-the-in-box-and-filing day, and there is hardly anything I like better than a tidy desk.  Unless it’s Lady Penelope.
Lady Penelope – that’s what I named the Pink Cruiser.  Thanks to Carmen at Eat Some More for the marvelous idea!  I totally LOVED the Thunderbirds television show when I was a kid, and the recent movie wasn’t too shabby, either.  Lady P and I have traveled more than twenty five miles this week!  That’s a pretty concerted effort considering that our together time is limited to those few precious minutes every evening between dinner and dark. We go really fast around the neighborhood to get those miles in. 
Aside – I totally forgot how hard it is to ride a cruiser up hills.  I wasn’t kidding about derailleures being for wimps!


No news on actually losing any more poundage – holding steady at 165.  However I’ve made it to the size 10 jeans.   Really! And they aren’t too tight!  Of course, they made from a sort of stretchy denim and have a quasi-designer label so I may just be deluded by vanity sizing.  So, what does this mean?  I’m now officially Changing the Goal to Size 8 and 145 pounds.  Twenty down, Twenty to go!

 EMail Anglea Pea

P.S.  I run my first “official” 5K tomorrow!!  With a number and everything!

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