The ABC's of Me

Jumping on the Bandwagon here… 

A~Age: 47
B~Bed Size: Queen
C~Chore You Hate: Cleaning the oven. There’s no easy or comfortable way to bend yourself sideways, stretch over the open door and reach the back corners.
D~Dogs: Yes! Maxwell Noir. Wonderdog Extraordinaire.  Then there’s Bob the Cat…
E~Essential Start of Your Day: breakfast, which usually consists of steel cut oats with dried cherries, walnuts, brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon.  As of today, I’ve given up coffee.  EEEEK!!
F~Favorite Color: Green.
G~Gold or Silver: Silver – the platinum variety.
H~Height: 5’2”, 5’3″ if I stretch
I~Instruments I Play: Clarinet(s), as in multiple ranges and piano
J~Job Title: Professional Engineer; Senior Project Manager
K~Kids: Four – Teen Adult Daughter #1, Teen Daughter#2, Teen Son#1 and Teen Son#2
L~Live: Texas
M~Mom’s Name: Geneva
N~Nicknames: Angie, Grace  Grace?  Yes, Grace.  Because I’m not.
O~Overnight Hospital Stays: Only one, when Adult Daughter#1 was born, simply because she showed up after dinner and I had to wait until my Doctor made rounds the next morning to get discharged!
P~Pet Peeve: purposefully misspelled words, such as “Kwik”. Grrrr….it annoys me so much that I won’t patronize any establishment with a quirkily spelled word on their sign.  Babies out in public with nothing on but a diaper.  This list could expand exponentially over the next week.  See “E” above.
Q~Quote(s) From a Movie: “You’re a legend in your own mind”, Sudden Impact
“Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need – roads.” Back to the Future
R~Right or Left Handed: Right
S~Siblings: Sisters. Several of them. I’m the oldest and it shows!
T~Time You Wake Up: 5:30 am, even on weekends.  I have a stubborn inner clock.  Miss Olivia sets the alarm.
U~Underwear: clean
V~Vegetable you Dislike: None – at least none that I’ve tasted so far.
W~What Makes You Late: See Letter “K” above. Those first two in the list? They don’t subscribe to the brush-your-teeth-shove-on-a-headband-head-out-the-door philosophy of life.
X~X-rays You’ve Had: Not so sure of the total – dental over the years, broken foot once, broken thumb…
Y~Yummy Food You Make: Meatballs. According to Teen Sons, I make the best meatballs in the world. They are best leftover and stuffed into a sandwich roll with extra sauce and cheese.
Z~Zoo Animal Favorite: Giraffes!

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2 thoughts on “The ABC's of Me

  1. OMG…I wish I could get up as early as you do! Holy Lord! And I despise cleaning the oven, too. Ugh. I have to clean it today because I melted plastic in there by accident during dinner last night. 😦

  2. The oven? Oh, are you supposed to clean that darn thing too? =}Ditto on the naked baby pet peeve! I still say too many should not be allowed to reproduce!I need to channel you and get my butt up at 5:30am again. You can get so much more done!!(it would be easier if my kids let me sleep for a whole night)Great list!

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