StS Challenge – Day 25 – Weekly Report

June 23 - June 29

WI – 161.0 lbs, Down a pound!  Yeah!  Finally.  As you can see, I made a very concerted effort to eat my daily points and then some.  I also didn’t exercise as much this week, only 46 AP’s earned, and I swapped 24 of those for food points!  It’s so nice to see that number shrink, despite all my going on about how “the number isn’t as important as the person” to several folks in Blog Land.  Does that make me a hypocrite?

I’ve published the followup PSA – Plateaus and How to Break Them. You can read it here.  You’re welcome.

Recap of the weekly goals:

  • Tracking food and exercise consistently and honestly – Done!
  • Stay within my daily point allowance – Done  – actually ate them over the whole week!  I’m keeping up with this; apparently my body needs more fuel that I was feeding it.
  • Earn a minimum of 50 activity points a week – 46 APs is pretty darned close, especially considering that every day last week was over 100 degrees.  Ugh.  Welcome to summer in Texas.
  • Blogging – Running late this week, and post dating, but I did get it done!
  • No quitting?  Nope.  Still moving forward.
  • Supporting fellow challengers – I continue to pray daily for our entire group. You are being lifted up by a total stranger in Texas!  I didn’t do a lot of blog hopping this week – loads of extra stuff going on at work that required my attention.  It comes first because I’m getting paid for that!

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