StS Challenge – Day 81 – SQUEEEEEEEEE!

Remember last week when I was simply silly?  Today’s mood description is elated, ecstatic, over the moon crazy happy.  I hit my five percent today at WW!  Finally. FINALLY!! I’ve lost a total of 64 pounds now!  That is a total of three pounds for the Slimmer This Summer Challenge – Excellent!

Just in case you’re pondering the math of a 5% goal and a total 64 pound loss, let me ‘splain.  I started with simple direction from my Doctor, and lost a bunch of weight.  I had a stroke, and gained back half of my original loss.  Then I then joined WW Online, and lost 25 pounds. When I stalled out plateaued there last year, I joined a regular WW group and started going to meetings.  The 5% Milestone represents what I’ve lost since joining the regular meetings, measured from my starting weight in January which was already 55 pounds down from my all time high.  (The whole story, including the stroke siderail, and pictures can be found here.)

And might I just say that I LOVE my WW leader, Terri?  Seriously.  She was jumping up and down with me, and even though I lost all of the weight with the Online program, gave me a WW keyring and the discs for the 25 and 50 pound goals I already hit.

I’m giving myself a Big Gold Star!  Whoot!

Go Me!

Overview of the Entire Slimmer This Summer  :

  • Overall Goal of the Challenge  was to get to my goal weight of 145. That number is from the WW chart, based strictly on my height.   I did not make it there during the Challenge Time Frame.  I do need to move forward with a fresh evaluation of my goal weight, including a visit with my Doctor.   I have already lost a lot of weight, and am struggling to get these last few pounds off my frame.  Given my age, level of activity, muscle mass, etc, my body may already be at a healthy stopping place that I will be able to maintain forever.
  • Tracking.  Yes, I tracked throughout the challenge, except for the few vacation days.  I also consistently measure and weigh my portions, as well.
  • Earn a minimum of 50 activity points a week. Yes.  I’m freakishly active, trying to shed some more weight!  I earned 69 APs this week, including weight training, biking, Zumba and a quick round of basketball.  Oh, and schlepping furniture and belongings up stairs as we moved Cherry Ames back to college.
  • Blogging.  Yes, including the gratuitous gold star!
  • No quitting?  No brainer.  I STILL haven’t quit!  I’ll be moving forward with Mir for the Christmas Dress Challenge.  I need to pick a dress!
  • Supporting fellow challengers – Yes!

It’s been fun, everyone, and I look forward to the next challenge.

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12 thoughts on “StS Challenge – Day 81 – SQUEEEEEEEEE!

  1. Us? Quitters? No way! That is the key, through thick and thin, to stay the course. I’m glad the WW way is working for you. I did it for a time, and think I could go back to it and do just fine. I hope to join you in the next challenge.

  2. Terrific weight loss. I did not know until reading your post today how similar our weight loss stories are. Glad we found each other through the STS challenge. Yes, I, too, would give you a gold star. Excellent progress!

  3. So happy for you. Your excitement and sense of accomplishment are really wonderful to read about. Take care. I know as people get older the WW weight charts go up somewhat. I know my weight range topped out at 149 and honestly I can carry 165 pounds just fine. It was nice to get to my goal weight of 147 pounds but it was hard to maintain it. Thanks for your support during the Challenge.

  4. WOW! You have come such a long way and have so much to be proud of. Like you, I may need to reevaluate my ultimate goal since my body seems pretty comfortable where it is. I’d love to lose those last few pounds but that’s not really what is most important. I’m staying focused on the big picture of being healthy and happy. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?

    I’m going to unofficially join the dress challenge. I can’t commit to the tracking rules so I’m not going to officially join up but will be along for the ride. I haven’t worn a dress is YEARS but I saw one online recently and even had a dream about it so I’m going to order it and work up the courage to wear it by Christmas.

  5. You are doing fabulous! Keep it up! Glad I’m going to be in the challenge with you.

    I think that a good WW leader makes a big difference. I love my leader also. She’s the best! Well, along with yours. LOL

    Great job! Keep it up!

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