W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat

Shipley's Donuts

Oooh, this sweet baby was really hard to pass up but I did. I walked back into the kitchen several times just to look at it before I finally took the picture and shut it out of my head.  Keep those maple frosted Shipley donuts FAR AWAY from me, please!

Say No to Snarfage Temptation.  Keep the Faith.

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One thought on “W.I.D.E. – What I Didn’t Eat

  1. Yes, donuts in the house can be a very dangerous thing! Glad you resisted. I had friends over and they brought girl scout cookies. I had to tell them I was on a juice fast, but they ended up leaving the rest of the package there. There were about 4 left (carmel delites – my fave!)…. I put them in the trash and poured dish soap soap over them, or I would possibly consider getting them out of the trash to eat. Yeah, it’s been done before. Resist! Keep being stronger. PS – That is one big donut!

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