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This Week, April 26

It’s been a week.

Well Duh, what else would it be?  I’m pretty sure there won’t be any major revisions to the Gregorian Calendar in our lifetime, right? A week is a week.  Except when I’m sick.  And tired. Then it feels like a miserable eternity.

Update for this week? Blah.   I’ve had a nasty cold since last Thursday.  The Architect, DirtBike and I hit our city streets with the Mayor last Wednesday evening. SO much fun touring through ‘vintage’ neighborhoods and downtown!  I got to see Roxie again 🙂 which was super neat, and DirtBike received major kudos from Madam Mayor for his rocking bike skills.  

Then…Thursday.  I got out of bed with that tell-tale tingle in the back of my throat.  By afternoon I’d lost my voice.  By Friday night I felt like I’d been hit by a truck and Saturday?  Mercy.  I just wanted to crawl in a hole and stay there.  But no!  It was PROM DAY!  Which meant a day of running around, last-minute touch-ups, assembling multiple bouquets and boutonnieres, then scrambling all over creation to take photos.  Monday was a major presentation pitch for a new project (we didn’t get – boo hiss) and Tuesday the coughing started.  Then MR. PEA GETS SICK, TOO!!!  I don’t need to remind any of you how awful living with a sick husband is. They are the worst patients, crankier than a teething baby. Toss in a funeral, school projects and a detailed water system model…just poke me with a fork.  I’m done. 

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Today is better.  I sound as if I’m channeling Lauren Bacall, but I’m no longer coughing and I’m able to keep my eyelids open without propping them up with toothpicks.

Last week and this week’s mini goal is to pay it forward.  Amen!!  I love cheering folks on, so this was not so much a challenge for me – more of a reminder to pull out of my virus induced pity party and share some sunshine with others.  It happened.

As for last week’s goals and this week’s?  Let’s just call it a wash, and carry on. I survived.

  1. Weight loss – Persist. Don’t Give Up
  2. NSV – Eight Hours of Sleep minimum every night.   
  3. Exercise – Four days of cardio and two days of weight training.
  4. Nutrition – Eat more Veggies, and keep after the processed carb ban.
I’m linking up in the Ready for Summer Challenge – come join the fun!

Be Well.  Keep the Faith.

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