Friday’s Letters – February 8

friday's letters

Dear DirtBike – How ABOUT that progress report?!?  Let’s hear it for the improved grades, and let’s also keep up the good work!  I’m so proud of you, Son.  Sorry you missed the school dance last night because your cold is getting worse before it gets better.  As you said, though, since Miss D. is home sick with the flu, you wouldn’t have had a dance partner anyway.

Dear Bike Shop – YEAH for you!  The new seat post is perfect (size, color and price) and Princess Grace is happy to be back on the road. She’s hoping to hit some dirt tomorrow before the next terrible cold front brings some rain.

Dear Little Town up North – Thank you for the great workshop session yesterday.  It was really productive and I think we finally have all the bits and pieces we need to get the modeling finished and the master plan put to bed.  I’ll have you a complete list of projects by next week!

Dear Oven – I miss you. Yes, it’s been more than two years now since you keeled over.  Yes, I’ve compromised and adapted many of our favorite recipes for the crock pot or skillet, but honestly?  Roasts just aren’t the same.  I haven’t missed baking too much up to now, but I really really really want to bake cupcakes for St. Valentine’s Feast Day.  Soon we’ll be hauling you out, my old friend, and replacing you.  Very soon, indeed.

Dear Spinach Ravioli – Welcome to my favorite list.

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Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

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