Minutes – February 11


Praying for

  • Michelle
Grateful for
  • a teen son who has made bounding leaps in the maturity department the past few weeks!
  • friends near and far, real-life and cyber
  • rain


kneeThis week’s health focus is Mr. Pea.  He had his MRI Friday to figure out what is going on with his knee.  The good news is that the knee is fine, no cartilage damage whatsoever. The not so good news is that he has a BROKEN BONE!!  The man has been walking around for several weeks with cracks at the end of his femur! (The only ‘incident’ Mr. Pea can remember is trying to break a tree limb over his knee a few weeks ago when we were cutting down the dead trees.  Yeppers, that’s probably what did it.) The knee pain is ligament strain from walking around on a broken leg.  Mercy.  He sees an orthopedic specialist this morning who will probably put him in a leg brace for a few more weeks to finish healing.  I am just shocked at my husband’s high pain threshold, but I’ve had three friends tell me that having a broken leg and not knowing isn’t uncommon – that it’s happened to them or their kids.


I sewed up a hole in the leather loveseat.  The leather has become so worn in spots that it is thinning and starting to split. I counted in my head as I zip stitched the hole, and realized that our family room furniture is now 21 years old. I think we got our money’s worth.

I finished one of the gloves! How ironic now that winter is pretty much wrapped up and put away down here.


  • Skillet Enchiladas and Black Beans
  • Meatball Sandwiches
  • Baked Potato Soup, Broccoli and Homemade Bread
  • Shrimp Tacos
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup
  • Tandoori Chicken with Green Rice and Naan
  • Salisbury Steak, Green Beans and Garlic Potatoes


Sunday was a gorgeous day, and I went biking in the afternoon with DirtBike and his best friend.  We rode back roads to the next housing development and spent some time climbing the dirt piles and jumping through the drainage gullies. Actually, I only climbed the dirt piles.  I watched the boys jump through drainage gullies – I’m not that brave! It was a great ride, and we got in almost fifteen miles total.

I got to meet Cherry Ames’ Prince Charming’s Mom this weekend. She is very nice, and I think we will get along nicely for the rest of our lives, at least until it comes to future Grandbabies.  I decided years ago that I would be the Coolest Grandma Ever, so she’ll have to pick a different title.

::looking ahead

Valentine Party for DirtBike.  He volunteered to bring truffles as the treat.  I gently reminded him that truffle making is Princess Pea’s specialty.  “That’s okay, Mom.  I already called her, and we’re going to Skype on Monday night and she will tell me how to make them.”  Technology is a wonderful thing.

The Architect got asked to the Backwards Dance!  How cool is that?  I need to track down the young lady’s parents, introduce Mr. Pea and myself, and work out driving for the dance. I’ll be so glad when The Architect gets his drivers license.

Lent.  I look forward to the weeks of reflection and meditation.

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One thought on “Minutes – February 11

  1. The truffle thing is just adorable. Being raised as an only child, these brother/sister ties are things on wonder and beauty to me. Disclaimer: I do have a sibling – she is 16 years younger than me – more like a daughter than a sister.

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