Friday’s Letters – March 15

friday's lettersDear Blog –  Sweet Mercy I’ve missed you!  I’ve been busy with the living breathing people in my life.  Things are relatively calm[er] now, so DOUBLE YEAH!!  It’s  Friday and I have a few minutes to write a post!!

Dear DirtBike –  Happy Dance! Happy Dance!  You DID it!!  You passed the entrance exam and got into THE High School!!  Don’t get too cocky, now.  You still have to finish the 8th grade. And work with Mrs. R. on developing your comprehension and reading skills over the summer. And clean your room.

Dear Architect –  Oh. My. Gosh.  It was SO FUN to chaperone the trip to Lubbock!!  Yes, I spent most of my time fetching food for that herd of starving teens, finding bandaids, feeding Mr. D’s Starbucks habit, and washing shirts, but who cares?  I was just amazed the entire weekend at how brilliant you kids are.  You built A ROBOT!! And it works!

Robo Vikes Rule!

Robo Vikes Rule!!

The Architect and the Robot

Dear Daughters – It was absolutely, positively fantastic to see you both this week!  I’ve missed you so much, my Darling Girls.

Dear Mr. Pea – Date night was fun.  We really should go out more often without the offspring.

Dear Boys (You too, BigB) – WHY was that so funny?  All I did was walk down the driveway to tell BigB his Mom said to come home for dinner.  All three of you just stood there by the mailbox, looking mischievous and laughing like crazy. I’m looking at you,  walking down the driveway, and then you were practically rolling on the ground – what the heck? DirtBike yells, “Wait! Don’t Move!”. Huh? I looked down, and I’m about to step on a dead armadillo. “It’s What’s for Dinner!”, says The Architect, and the three of you set off on a fresh round of hilarity, laughing so hard you’re gasping for breath. Seriously? What is so funny about a dead armadillo? Not much, really. But your Mom stepping on a dead armadillo? Hysterical, if you’re a teenage boy. I can only be grateful that it had been dead for a long, long time, and there wasn’t much left past the bleached out armor shell.

You may now remove it from the front porch, where it’s sitting up like a begging dog in the flowerpot.

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Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – March 15

  1. Oh Angela, is this what I have to look forward to with three boys?! I don’t know that I’m cut out for that kind of “hilarity.”

    I love date night. It really does make a huge difference in the marriage, which makes a huge difference in the home, which makes a huge difference in the children, which brings us to the world I guess. We went too many years without date night because our children were all so little…teens in the house make all the difference!

  2. Nice. Sounds like a great few days.
    Love a good date night. I only have one boy. He loves to scare me. I’m not at the point that I feel it is a grace yet, but I hope to get there… maybe after I scare him back one time. ha!
    I posted in this today. I fear my post is too deep. I may need to delete and rethink.

  3. I thought I posted a comment.
    If this is duplicate, I apologize.

    You have such a great life. I love reading your blog.
    I’m not sure I’ll appreciate my son’s humor until I prank him one day (when he is older). Then – I might smile. lol
    Anyway – I joined in today too.

  4. Boys, yep boys for sure. So glad all is well with you. I love the sound of your family, all of it.
    You have a blessed weekend. Take care Angela.

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