Friday’s Letters – May 17

friday's letters

Dear Education Folks –  Can someone tell me why my kids check out of school  several weeks before it actually ends?  Is there a solution? I feel like I’m herding chickens trying to get them to focus on studying.  I’m considering adopting a blackout policy, where I cover every window in the house (think London during WWII) as well as the car windows. In the morning, I’ll shuffle the offspring into the car while the garage door is shut, then drop them right at the school door closest to their classrooms, and then go in reverse in the afternoon. I’ll disconnect all things electric except lights, and lock all the doors and windows.  Think it will work?

Dear Spring – We have certainly enjoyed your lengthy stay this year.  Summer is now shoving you on your way, so we’ll bid you adieu until next year and embrace the heat.

Dear Ride of Silence Organizers – This year’s ride was extremely short (thank you tornadoes) but still heartfelt.  Thank you for your efforts, and a huge hug to our fellow bikers who show up faithfully to help, marshal and show support by riding.  To my followers – watch out for cyclists on public roadways and give them room.

Dear Kasey –  I am officially changing your name to Houdini.  I have no idea how you are getting out of the back yard so you can go sit on the front porch.  Thank you for not wandering any further.

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Recognize your Moments of Grace.  Keep the Faith.

3 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – May 17

  1. I think it’s just the general decline in school motivation as it gets warmer. Maybe school interest is inverse to greenery and loveliness outside? 🙂

  2. I will say that even as a homeschool family, we too have had to re-direct our attention often to get our school work done. That warm summer sun are just to inviting! Solution, we have taken to doing our lessons outside when we can!

    Houdini! Cute! Glad your doggie goes no further than the porch!

  3. You should try and keep them seated and good on the bus. I do that for 5 hours each day (we have very long bus rides). Bus driving is a challenge most of the time but this time of year, UGH!!!
    Take care my friend and I love your pup, at least… like you said…he goes no further. YEAH!!

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