Minutes – May 21


Praying for

  • friends – who still need permanent work
  • young friends – preparing to step out of their parents’ homes and head off to college
  • The Architect – he has his first job interview ever this afternoon
Grateful for
  • the safety of my parents, sister and nephews who live in Moore, Oklahoma


Sleep continues to be a priority.  I can feel my stress levels dropping as my first day at the new job approaches. I’m so excited!


Thinking about being a woman in a [still] male-dominated workplace, and the role that my faith plays there and how it influences the way I manage and lead. Reading the writing of Mary Wallace over at the Working Catholic Mom.


(Repeat) FINALLY selecting the paint color for the house trim.  I hereby announce to the world that I WILL slap those sample colors onto garage panels and pick one before this week is over.  Please hold me accountable if I don’t announce a selection by NEXT Monday.  In my own defense, it rained on the one free afternoon I had to slap paint. 


  • Chicken Enchiladas
  • Shrimp Tacos with Bladk Beans
  • Eighth Grade Dinner with DirtBike
  • Beef Kabobs, Grilled Corn, Berries
  • Dirty Rice and Green Beans
  • BLTs
  • Hot Dogs, Baked Beans and Tossed Salad


GRADUATION Week for DirtBike!  No, not high school – eighth grade.  It’s a big deal, as he and his friends have been together in school since they were in preschool. It’s our last year at St. Andrew Catholic School – we’ve been there for eighteen years. EIGHTEEN Years!

::looking ahead

Tomorrow is the eighth grade picnic at a local retreat/ranch.  I’m chaperoning, and this may or may not involve a turn on a zip line. And a round of paintball. 

New Glasses!  AND sunglasses!!  I haven’t been updated in several years.  I’m looking forward to some more stylish frames and stronger bifocals.

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2 thoughts on “Minutes – May 21

  1. Good to hear your family is safe! My prayers are with Moore, Ok.

    Congrats to the 8th grade graduate! That is a big deal!
    Zip line? Sounds like fun! You can show all the kiddos how it’s done! 😉

    And I will check back to make sure the paint has been selected! 🙂

    Have a great week!

  2. Oh girl, I am so sorry to hear you have family in Moore. But so thankful they are ok. If there is anything I can do, please call on me. I am near to you, so I am happy to help if I can.
    What an exciting time for DirtBike.
    And for you! A New Job? WOOHOO I miss working sometimes… well, at an office, I should say!
    I just got upgraded glasses that transition to sunglasses. It had been five years. I can see. And apparently if Mr. Magoo needs a wife… I’m his gal! ha!!

    Oh yes, and PICK YOUR COLOR! We’re watching…


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