Show and Tell – Rosaries

Linking up with my friends at Suscipio – It’s Show and Tell time!  Like Tiffany, I have a hoard…every time I see interesting beads or stones, I immediately think of how they will look as a rosary!  I give lots of them away, especially the bracelet rosaries, and have the ones I keep scattered all through my life.  You know, one in the purse, several in the cars, one on the bed table, tucked in drawers.


This one is a favorite.  Several years ago I scored a tremendous deal on rose quartz at a trunk show, and there were enough beads to make three pink rosaries.  The other two reside with Princess Pea and her best friend, aka my Other Daughter.  I think about the girls every time I pick it up.
2013.10.16(2)One of my rosary bracelets…wore it to work today!  The beads are amethyst, and the cross on it was a necklace that belonged to Cherry Ames when she was a little girl.  She outgrew the tiny chain years ago, and it hung in my jewelry box for years until I repurposed it.

My RCIA sponsor gave this blue one to me when I came into full communion with the Church.  It’s the one that I carry in my purse.

This is one I started for The Architect, but he requested a single decade that would fit in his pocket, so I reclaimed it.  The beads are hematite, so even though they are small, this rosary has a nice weight and it feels nice and cool in my hands.  (Note:  I just realized…if you click the picture to open it and zoom in close, you can see the outline of me and the camera reflected in each bead! Hematite is such a fun gemstone!)

Pray the Rosary. Keep the Faith.

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8 thoughts on “Show and Tell – Rosaries

  1. these are absolutely beautiful! You are inspiring me to make these kinds of rosaries too! I make the ones for missions – I am a grasshopper 😉

    I love the pink one and the one your RCIA sponsor gave you and…well, I love all of them!

  2. Oh my goodness Angela. First, I thought the pink were going to be my favorite. Then, I fell in love with the bracelet. But alas! The hematite beads are so beautiful. Is there a story to the Blessed Mother on them?

    I have a new desire to begin again ~ praying the rosary that is. God bless.

  3. Okay Angela…love the bracelet…did you say you had lots of spare time to whip up a few for purchase LOL? You have a gift, no doubt and I loved reading the stories under each one.


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