Minutes – December 2, 2013

::faithful – praying for my husband today.  He’s been amazing this past week, helping me up and down, putting my socks on my feet, carrying and fetching, and telling me that I was not allowed to kneel yesterday at mass, because he didn’t want both of us tumbling out into the aisle if I got stuck.  I was teary when he left for work this morning, but he hugged me tight, told me it was all going to be okay.  He loves me unconditionally, even in my current estrogen-starved, irritable, slobbering, unable-to-paint-my-own-toenails state.

::news from the cancer battlefield – Okay.  Recovery from Cancer Eradication stinks.  I knew that it will be slow and somewhat painful.  I’m now wondering now just how far did Dr. Cloven shove all my remaining parts around inside by body?  Sweet mercy, everything is all black and blue.   I am impatient, and want to walk at my regular speed, outside in the sunshine.  I put myself in a twenty-minute time out Saturday morning because the only words I could pull out of my foggy brain were snarky.  Yesterday was an okay day.  I came home from mass, put on pajamas and parked myself on the sofa for the entire day. This morning started quite auspiciously.  I managed to burn a hole in the sleeve of my pajama top while reheating a fried egg, I dropped an entire pan of water on the kitchen floor and exploded pancake syrup all over the inside of the microwave.  I started to call Mr. Pea, but decided not to freak him out.  I turned off the stove, ate what remained of my breakfast experiment and went back to bed.  My Mom will be here in a little while and she can help me clean up the mess. 

::creative – Christmas Surprises!!

::pondering – waiting for the call with the pathology results.  Just waiting and trying not to think about waiting.  I never imagined that I would string the words “pathology results” together and apply them to myself.

::delicious – Same plan as last week, with turkey leftovers tossed in and a batch of baked potato soup. Mom will be here,so she can cook! Yeah!

::fun – Despite the craziness, we had a wonderful, relaxing long weekend.  The Architect and DirtBike hung out with friends, Princess Pea was home from school (she painted my toenails for me!) and Cherry Ames popped in and out between visits to meet her Sweetie’s family and work shifts.   I’ve been watching really sappy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and football.  Loved loved LOVED the Alabama Auburn game!!

::fashionable – I’m wearing my favorite pajamas, the one with a hole burnt in the right sleeve.  🙂 LOLOL!!   I plan to wear pajamas all week-long.

::looking ahead – Follow up appointment with the oncologist, phone conference on Friday, and maybe a Christmas Party on Saturday night if I feel up to it.  At most, I’ll show up, hug my friends then go back home to my pajamas and sofa. 

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5 thoughts on “Minutes – December 2, 2013

  1. Oh my, you’ve had the morning. Thank God for mama’s. She’ll make it better. Doesn’t matter our age at all, mama’s are the best. Glad you are healing and moving around a bit. Praying that the results were awesome and go from there. Take care my friend and relax and enjoy the fact for a while you don’t have to do it, anything, for now. It won’t last and soon the ball will be rolling again but for now try and enjoy. Blessings my friend!

  2. I need to Youtube the final seconds of the game; I didn’t watch it but Chris came back from Deer Camp telling me all about it!!

    Now you have a memory story attached to the pj’s…”Remember when you were a total chocolate mess and then you burned a hole in your pj’s…” and then the kids and Mr Pea will laugh and laugh!

    I’m glad your mom is coming down and I’m really glad you left the mess for her to clean up–good for you for knowing you really do need all this rest.

    Our home is anxiously awaiting your pathology reports as well. Veronica even wants me to call her if she’s at deer camp to let her know the results. You and your family are in our St Andrew Novena in a special way this year.

  3. Angela, Im not sure why I no longer receive your updates. I think when the last challenge with Mir ended, I somehow deleted everyone from the challenge. First, Im so sorry to read about your cancer diagnosis. I was going thru the comments on the blog that Julie and I share, and I wanted to respond to the one about my job.
    Anyway, I have some catching up to do. Thanks for your support!!

  4. Angela…always good to see you up and writing girl!

    I guess after a week…it all catches up to you…that’s normal. It’s hard when you are used to being active. God has these mysterious ways of slowing us down.

    Extra prayers and hugs to you…

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