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Friday’s Letters – December 27, 2013

friday's letters

Dear Pink Wig Maker  –  FUN!!!

2013.12.27 Pink

No, really?!  Why can’t I wear this to work, Daughters?  Can’t you just see me making presentations at public meetings with cotton candy pink hair?

Dear Louise – First, CONGRATULATIONS on getting the port removed and officially kicking cancer’s behind!!  Second, thank you for the big ol’ Box-o-Scarves-and-Headwraps!  I’ll wear them with great hope, and when I finish hauling my own fanny out of the Chemo Valley, I’ll pass them on to the next friend.  (I love love love the splashy purple/teal/grey one!!)

Dear Tempting Chocolate Covered Chocolate Marshmallows – Frauds!!  You look so pretty on the front of the box, so delectable, luscious and yummy.  Sadly, you didn’t deliver the chocolaty goodness I was expecting. That’s okay, though; I didn’t need the caloric bump any way!.  

Dear Winter Weather – Please get cold again, and stay that way.  It’s too much to handle dragging the coats out for 48 hours and then putting them away again.  Better still, just stay on the warmer side, because it’s rather sad to get all excited about going for a quick bike ride only to step out into the sunshine and discover that it’s really only about 34 degrees so I have to go back in and add another layer of spandex.

 Keep the Faith.

angela pea

4 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters – December 27, 2013

  1. The pink is just to light for your skin tone, how about a purple? 🙂 Prayer for you all and keep up the spirit in and out. You are an awesome woman.
    Blessings my friend!

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