Minutes – February 17, 2014

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::faithful – prayers of thanksgiving – we’ve made it through rounds three and four of chemo and I’m still smiling!  Everyone is fed and has clean clothes!  I’m learning to ignore the dust bunnies! Praying for Mr. Pea. He has a nasty respiratory virus going on and is coughing coughing coughing.  He needs some rest.  Praying for The Architect who is working through crunchtime with the school’s robotics team.  Praying for Cherry Ames and Princess Pea.  Praying for DirtBike, too, as we resolve issues in academia.

::creative – I’m working on creative napping.  Where can I flop myself down for a nap? Aside from the car while Mr. Pea is driving, how about the sofa in the living room? The sofa in the family room?  A lounge chair on the back deck in the sun?  One of the empty beds in the girls’ room?  How long can I stretch said nap by pretending to be sound asleep while the rest of the family swishes by with dramatic whispering of “Be QUIET!!  Mom is sleeping!”  What cap should I wear on my cold head?  Can I get away with laying down on a yoga mat in my office during  lunch hour and catching forty winks?  ABSOLUTELY!

::pondering –  Being tired.  I’m so used to being perky.  It’s weird to not be perky. Coffee doesn’t make a dent.  The only thing to do?  MORE NAPPING!!  Mwahahahaha!

Chemo Warrior::Kill All the Cells!! – I’ve had to put myself in time out again and declare every room in the house other than my bedroom a “No Whining Zone”.  That means no whining from me. I was just a Crabby Patty this weekend and I was making everyone else miserable.  Why?  because steroids stink.  I’ve never liked taking them (i.e. for severe allergic reactions, poison ivy, etc.) because they make me so darned irritable. Irritable as in growling and snapping at innocent bystanders; as in being totally unreasonable about ridiculous things like sweeping the kitchen floor; or flipping out because someone used a white bath towel to clean up a hot chocolate spill. And mustard.

This round of steroids is now over and I don’t have to take any for two weeks.  I’ve apologized, we’ve had family hugs, and it’s a beautiful new week with a fresh start.  Yes! The abundance of Grace showering down on us is humbling.


  • Frozen pizza, tossed salad
  • Chili and cornbread from the neighbor
  • Chicken soup, rolls
  • Jimmy Johns’ Sandwiches
  • Leftovers
  • Something Else
  • Oh mercy, I’ll figure it out later!

::fun – The kids saw The Lego Movie and have declared it to be fun.  Mr. Pea and I may try to see it this weekend.  The weather is finally returning to our typical Texas Winter status (warmer), so the boys have been out riding bikes and driving the RC car all over the neighborhood.  I did pull Princess Grace and Lady Penelope from the bike shed, but I haven’t actually set my behind on  a saddle.  Napping was more appealing this weekend. They’re available, though, should I decide to pedal around the block.

::fashionable –  boucle skirt, bright turquoise cardigan, flippy strawberry blonde wig. Big pearl earrings and matching bracelet.  I’m almost totally bald now…toss me some overalls and funky goggles, and I look like a Minion!  The irony of it all?  The most determined strands of hair are the shiny silver and white ones.  *sigh*


::looking ahead –  Maybe a banquet on Thursday evening with friends (depends on how well I feel) school for the boys, work, napping and more napping.  Did I mention napping?

Take Another Nap. Keep the Faith.

angela pea

7 thoughts on “Minutes – February 17, 2014

  1. LOVE your minutes. With all you are going through you make me smile still. You really need to get started on writing a book…you know…when you are not napping : )

    Love and blessings~

  2. What a beautiful blog you have…and your cheerful & humorous way of journaling what you are going through is admirable.
    I would probably flip out over the white towel & chocolate/mustard thing, too…only I don’t have an excuse for my crabby spells. I like the time out idea, and the naps.

  3. I say that if napping increases your strength and energy by any measure, nap on! What a caring family you have, and how good God is for guiding you through the apology-hug-fresh start “episode”!

    I hope the hubby is better and that the children are doing well in their individual routines.

    Just have to love your humor, courage, and faith! Have a good week 🙂

  4. If your body is asking for naps, listen to it. You’re doing great just keeping sane, if you ask me. Keep your chin up,

  5. I totally want to see you in your FLIPPY wig.
    And I say – give yourself some credit mama. You deserve a few snappy moments.
    Or maybe that is just me defending you.

  6. Angela, you make me cry and smile all in the same post. I know for certain that I wouldn’t be able to paste any kind of smile on my face while facing all that you are. You are amazing and I love that you are listening to your body and taking care of it.
    Thank you for stopping by. I have been so busy taking care of my parents that I just haven’t had the time to really take the time to enjoy any blogging. I have also picked up two new bus routes to add to my full time one and have now committed to cross country skiing with the boy scouts this weekend and than teaching my son how to drive a bus. He’s taking his drivers behind the wheel on Monday. He’s our bus garage main mechanic but we are in such a need for drivers and subs that he’s getting his license to help there too.
    Take care Angela and have a great Friday and the most restful and blessed weekend.
    Blessings my dear friend!!

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