Minutes – February 24

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::faithful – Praying for friends in the great frozen north (i.e. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois) who are buried up to their roof lines in snow and sick to death of winter. Praying for my friend Angela’s Mom.   As ever, praying for my children.

::creative – Well, I repaired a broken bracelet this week, googled fancy ways to wrap a scarf around my head, moved the dog food into a bin into the sun room, and sewed up a hole in the dog bed.  Soooooo exciting, right?

::hearing –  Daytona 500 on the television.  Mr. Pea snoring on the sofa while he ‘watches’ the Daytona 500.  

::pondering –  Absolutely nothing of any significance.  Oh wait! I’m thinking about how fun it would be to go to a big NASCAR race.  I was also thinking about Downton Abby and Call the Midwife, and how much I enjoy watching them.

::Kill All the Cells!! – Better week! Since the Neulasta is working really well and my white blood cell counts are reasonable, I actually went to two (2!) events this week that involved lots of friends and being out in a public place!  First was the Giving Wings Dinner for the Stephen Breen Foundation, and second was the set up for the Stephen Breen Basketball Tournament.  It was wonderful to see people other than my family and to hug my friends.

Better than those two events?  I went to mass this morning!! Celebrating with the congregation in body as well as spirit!


  • Grilled Apricot Chicken, Rice Pilaf, Asparagus
  • Whatever we are served by volunteers at the Basketball Tournament

::fun – The annual basketball tournament commences tomorrow.  Mr. Pea and the boys will be working full shifts; I’ll be doing what I’m able.  

::fashionable –  since it’s Sunday afternoon, I’m wearing black stretchy pants, a bright orange tee-shirt, grey cashmere hoodie and a purple scarf on my head.  Yes, orange and purple. Together.  It’s cheery.

::looking ahead –  Visiting the Chemo Bar for Round Five.  Basketball. More naps.



Appreciate Flowers.  Keep the Faith.

angela pea

5 thoughts on “Minutes – February 24

  1. Tulips!! The amazing promise of spring!!! Hugs from God to worship with fellow believers!!

    I was at Bristol, turn three, VERY LOUD!! Got nauseated and sick on the way home. (Found out two weeks later that I had been pregnant). Went to the Charlotte for the All Star race twice. Friends of ours go every year, and the last time we went was the year my husband was finished with his treatment.

  2. You sound so upbeat my dear. Great to hear.
    So glad you made it to Mass.
    Marque left today for New Jersey. Two weeks of working on a base in a hangar. Sigh!
    I love how Mr. P watches the Daytona 500!
    Blessings for a great week.

  3. I don’t know what art theory says, but I say that purple goes with any color!

    Glad to know that you are into sports in your own way; sports and music cheer up and enliven and they never fail to deliver.

    Prayers for Round 5! As always, your courage is inspiring.

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