Friday’s Letters – August 26, 2016

Friday's Letters

Dear Water Heater in the Garage – Thank you for your many years of service. Thank you, too, for exploding the moment we all left the house in the morning, and spending all day pouring a hundred million gallons of water all over the floor and flooding the garage.  You gave me a perfect opportunity to heartlessly toss dozens of boxes of ‘stuff’ and a pile of wood scraps my Darling Pack Rat Mr. Pea was keeping for SomeDay – without a single peep, comment or raised eyebrow from him!!  Oh Frabjous Day! I can walk straight to the cabinet and open BOTH doors all the way!  I can walk all the way around each of the cars AND get to the freezer without navigating an obstacle course!

Don’t Store Stuff in Cardboard Boxes on the Floor.

Keep the Faith.

angela pea

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