Minutes – February 27, 2017

::thankful – for my amazing kids.  They really are wonderful.

Note – That’s Chris, Katie, Jessica and Kevin…previously only known on my blog as DirtBike, Cherry Ames, Princess Pea and The Architect.  They are all adults now, so you may know their names.

This was taken in the bridal room, right before Katie walked down the aisle last October.  It marks the end of this season in Mr. Pea’s and my life, the end of raising children.  They are not completely independent yet – the boys still have a few years of college left – but they really aren’t children any more.  They all have jobs, friends, and interests that don’t include Mom and Dad every moment of the day, and we’re okay with that!  Mr. Pea and I are no longer directors.  We are embracing our new roles as consultants as we launch these fantastic young adults into the world.

::creative – Mercy.  I’ve been busy. Still knitting.  You can see it all over on Ravelry.

::healthy – Ugh. and  Ratdamn. I have  two fractured bones in my foot.  How, you ask? Nothing glamorous or exciting.  I wasn’t rescuing a kitten, or playing soccer, or even doing heavy labor.  I simply tripped over thin air and fell, landing full weight on my right foot.  I was in a boot for two weeks, and have now graduated to a full foot brace which can be work with tennis shoes.  Most of the bruising has faded, but dang it’s uncomfortable!  I won’t be running marathons any time soon.  I wouldn’t normally be running marathons anyway, but you know what I mean.

Watch where you step.

Keep the Faith

angela pea



Minutes – October 14, 2013


praying for Michelle and her family.  Breast cancer has won another battle – a very hard fought battle.  Prayers for strength and comfort for all of them as they navigate these end days.


Parenting quasi-adult kids.  We no longer give direction and instruction.  We simply act as a sounding board as they work out their own problems.  It’s hard to not blurt out the right answer, but I manage to bite my toungue.  Experience is the best teacher.


Is fall here yet? The boys pulled out the Halloween decorations.  Now it needs to get cooler.


Squeee!!  Baby sweater on the knitting needles!  It’s adorable, all stripey brown and cream.  Next in the queue is a pair of fuzzy pink booties for another baby.  I like that all my young friends are having babies.

::The Project

I started researching appliances this week. I’m looking for a largish all in one stove, because I want to move my oven.  Right now, it’s in the wall right next to the fridge, and it vents out into the kitchen because there are cabinets all around and over it.  A one piece stove located on the adjacent wall under a new vent will work better.


  • Steak, Mashed Potatotes, Spinach Salad
  • Turkey Sandwiches on Croissants and Veggie Soup
  • Chili Frito Pie (Thanks, Jenny, for the idea!)
  • Barbeque Chicken, Green Beans and Something Else
  • Veggie Lasagna, if I can figure out how to ‘bake’ it in a crockpot
  • Grilled Ginger Orange Salmon, Saffron Rice and Peas
  • Bean Soup with Ham, Cornbread Muffins (baked in my friend’s kitchen)


DirtBike and Miss J

DirtBike and Miss J – Homecoming Dance

::looking ahead

Busy week of school, work projects and, of course, The Project.

I’ll leave you with a picture of my beautiful daughters, because everyone should be able to enjoy such a delightful sight!

Princess Pea and Cherry Ames

And another picture of DirtBike, because he’s so handsome, too!


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Minutes – June 24, 2014

::thankful – for returning strength and regenerating tastebuds.

Tour de Cure

::Kill All the Cells! –  Everyone is inquiring about what’s next…here’s what I know.  First order of business is to recover from the chemo.  It takes a toll on the body, my friends. I look like I’ve been stranded for six months in a jungle and then had a car wreck immediately after being rescued.  My brain power is coming back fast, as well as my energy.

Second order of business is to reintroduce my muscles to moving and stretching and build up some strength. I’m keeping my terrain in order – clean eating, eliminating what environmental triggers I can from our home environment, stress reduction for the entire family, and plenty of physical activity.  Third order of business is growing hair.  Lots and lots of hair.  It’s about 1/4 inch long right now, and I am anxious for the day I can ditch the scarves, hats and wigs. Just as soon as there isn’t any scalp showing, I’m getting my hair shaped into an adorable Audrey Hepburn pixi cut!

I’m still Dancing with Ned; my next CT Scan is this week. I’ll continue to have a CT scan every 8-12 weeks until I reach the fifteen month milestone.  That’s a big one for ULMS survivors – if it’s going to rear it’s ugly head again in spite of having its DNA shredded and reproductive faculties obliterated by the chemo, it usually happens that fast.  Next milestone after that is the two year mark.  That’s the point where statistics start shifting towards real long-term survival.

I did have my tumor tested for hormone receptivity and it was positive, which is a good thing in cancer world.  This means that there are oral medications with minimal side effects available to help block future tumor growth and more effective options for treatment protocols such as surgery and radiation should I need them again.  I’ll meet regularly with my oncologist  and keep up with CT scans every four to six months for another five years, then annually for the rest of my life. I think Dr. Cloven and I will be good friends for many years.  We should probably name our grandkids after each other.


  • Turkey Paninis on Sourdough, All Hail Kale Salad
  • Hamburgers at Grandma Jane’s House!
  • Garlic Lime Chicken, Green Beans
  • Corn Chowder, Cheddar Chive Scones
  • Cobb Salads
  • Baked Ziti, Spinach Salad
  • Blackened Tilapia, Israeli Couscous and Veggie Salad

Lots of salad.  Yep.  It’s starting to get warm again.

::fashionable –    Soft grey tank dress, multi colored head wrap and BIG dangly earrings.  I made these years ago – the stones are lemon chryosite.

::creative – I really am feeling better – I’m starting to plan projects!  I need a new light weight summer robe, and have a stash of pretty paisley cotton in the craft cabinet.  I think some sewing is in order.  Knitting happens at all times in all seasons, so that’s a given.  My beading supplies have been whispering to me lately, reminding me that I have many pieces that could use a fresh remake and planting ideas for new treasures to be made, rosaries to be strung.

::praying for – Donna and Dan, for strength and grace in the coming days; Tom and Judy, as they care for aging parents;  friends with special intentions.

Keep the Faith.

angela pea