How Tough Am I This Week?

Pretty Darn tough, if I do say so myself.

I rode the Marion Sansom Park mountain bike trail for the first time on Saturday.  It’s infamous among the local mountain bikers, and they either love it or hate it. Here’s why:

This is the view over the Dam Drop. Most local mountain bike trails are smooth dirt with a few roots or logs to climb over.  MSP?  Large portions of the trail look like this:

Yes, that’s caliche rock. Gravel. Hard if you fall, which, I did NOT do!  The Architect and Cherry Ames left me behind because I was going too slow.  HA!  They both emerged back at the trail head ten minutes ahead of me with scraped appendages. I got back all in one piece, a testament to my wimpiness superior common sense.

I’m not sure if I love it or hate Sansom Park. I’ll have to ride it a few more times before I decide.


We then high tailed it over to the Gateway trail  for a quick spin around.  After MSP it was a piece of cake!  Grand total of twelve miles on Saturday.


Tough enough yet?  Monday Mr. Pea decided we should take a ride on Mineral Wells Trailway.  It was another beautiful day, and thank goodness the sun was shining, because the wind was just a bit sharp against the skin. We took all the Pea kids plus a few extras, and made the run to the halfway point and back. The older boys made it all the way to the halfway point; the rest of us turned around a few miles shy because we were getting cold. Grand total of fifteen miles.  (That’s DirtBike ahead of me in the picture.)


But wait!  There’s more!  Kettle bell circuit training yesterday.  After that class, I was very, very glad that I kept up with working out over the Christmas holiday.  I was able to push through every rep, every squat and every swing.  Even when the guys were dropping out, I kept going. Whoot!  I am officially a Tonka Truck now.

Be tough. Keep the Faith.

EMail Anglea Pea

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Dear Sons…

When you both were small, shorter than me, and still convinced that I had magic powers, you did many naughty little boy things because, well, because you were naughty little boys. Like the time you painted your face with red lipstick, Architect, and I about had a heart attack because I thought you were bleeding.  Or when you put on a superman cape and jumped off the top of the bookcase trying to fly.  And you, Dirtbike!  I remember the day you learned how to use scissors.  You shredded my pajama legs into strips, cutting just as high as you could reach as they hung on the hook by my closet door.

You still occasionally do really odd things that can only be attributed to an overabundance of testosterone that squashes the common sense section of  your collection of brain cells.  Like putting cans of soda into the deep freeze to see if they will explode. (Yes, they will.)

I really didn’t mind cleaning the sticky goo from inside the freezer this morning, because it was time to defrost the thing anyway.  It was the little surprise I found under the bags of peas and lima beans that set my mind spinning.

Why is there a dead lizard chomped onto a crouton at the bottom of the freezer?  On second thought, I don’t really want to know.
EMail Anglea Pea

Sweet Shot Day


New Adventures in Exercise!

Me Crashing Through the Woods
Cherry Ames and Me

If you’re from Texas, or if you’ve been following my blog, you know that this summer has been absolutely brutal – hot dry and more hot. It’s been very difficult to keep on track with exercise. Lots of self-lecturing and threats (No granola for you until you finish your workout, Self!) were needed on many days just to haul my franny off my chair.

Now we’re being blessed with a cold front. We broke our 68 day 100+ temperature streak with an overnight low of 57 and a daytime high of 80 on Monday.  EIGHTY DEGREES my friends! Feels like winter!  Of course, it’s supposed to pop back into the 100’s by next week, but for now? Now, I’m loving life outside.

Battle Scars
Battle Scars – Scrapes and Bruises

To celebrate, I tried something new.  Mountain Biking.  My kids have been biking off-road for a while now, and they’ve been asking me to come along.  I struggle with walking straight and not tripping over my own feet most of the time, so I’ve always put them off.  Besides, someone has to stay behind and hold the water and snacks. Monday, though, I let myself be convinced.  Convinced to the point that I borrowed a mountain bike (Lady Penelope is too grand for dirt trails) and headed out to Cedar Hills State park for a go at the DORBA trails.

Oh. My. Gosh.  It was so HARD!  It HURT!  I LOVED IT!!!!  I have plenty of muscle power for the ups and downs, but I seriously need some practice on turns and some velcro on my butt so I can stay on the bike instead of sliding down embankments on my side. And my knees.  And my shoulders. I was horribly sore the next day (or two) and have lots of scrapes and bruises to brag about…but I can’t wait to go again.

Gratuitous Picture of my Gorgeous Offspring!
Cherry Ames, DirtBike and The Architect

Try something new.  Keep the Faith.
EMail Anglea Pea


Spring in Texas and a Basic Physics Lesson

 When big pieces of ice fall from the sky…

…stuff gets broken.
Even if it’s covered with several quilts and a tarp.
That’s Mr. Pea’s car. 
So sad that we have four cars and ony three garage bays.
Spring in North Central Texas
My thankfulness for today is in the form of a Hail Resistant Roof.  Best investment ever.

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