Conversations With the Inner Brat – It’s a Beautiful Day!

It’s a gorgeous day here in north central Texas.  I love love love the color of the sky in the winter.  It’s such a stunning shade of blue.

Trinity Trails, looking north

I planned to go bike riding today at lunchtime.  At 10:00 am, the temperature, according to the gadget on my desktop, was still only 37 degrees.  Olivia, my inner brat, starts sing-songing in my head.

Ooooh…you’re can’t go biking!  You didn’t bring your long bike pants!

Olivia, it will warm up by lunchtime.  I have three shirts to layer and the legs will be working. We’ll be fine wearing shorts.

But you also brought your knitting, and you HAVE to finish that scarf for Miss M before New Year’s Day!  Besides, you can stream the next episode of The Tudors, kick your feet up on the desk, maybe even nap for a few minutes!

Oh, a Most Excellent idea, Olivia!  I really do need to get that scarf finished.

Who do you think won this round?

Angela Pea, biking the Trinity Trails

LOL…love my arms reflected in my sunglasses.  It really did warm up by noon – it was a brisk 51 degrees, and my legs were just fine shorts.  And there are still three whole days before that scarf is due. Puh-LEN-tee of time to wrap it up!

Stifle your Inner Brat. Keep the Faith.

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StS Challenge – Day 16 – Conversations with the Inner Brat

Miss Olivia

Olivia showed up today.  She’s been rather quiet lately, so I was [sort of] glad to see her.

It’s not a bazillion degrees outside – let’s go bike riding!

Great idea, Olivia.  I’m in. let me find my helmet.

You forgot the helmet…now we have to wear one of the nasty community helmets!

Olivia, they aren’t nasty.  Besides, they’re hardly worn and it won’t make any difference once we get going and are all sweaty.  Besides, there’s a shower available when we get back.  I’ll just wash my hair.

About six miles out…

I’ve changed my mind.  It’s still too windy to ride.  Let’s go back.

No way!  Look, we’re almost to the dam!

Stop! Stop! Let’s ride across here!

Olivia, there are gaps between the rocks.  I can’t ride the bike across the river here.

Yeahbut, you could CARRY it!

Hey…that’s a good idea!  Then we could cut around TCU and get back to the office that way.  Oh.  Wait.  I am not graceful, those rocks are wet and there’s no way I could shoulder the bike and tromp across here! OLIVIA!  Stop trying to get me in trouble!

Trinity River Low Water Crossing
No Bikes Here!

Oooh, somebody’s been marking with markers on the walls!  I’m telling!

Surveyors have been out and about, putting marks on things.

Surveyors...marking their territoryThis is a sewer manhole, even though it says storm drain.  Storm drains dump directly into the river – no manholes involved.  It’s also marked backwards…should be 15′ to flow line, 16′ to top of pipe, because the flowline is below the top of the pipe. *sigh*  It’s so hard to find good surveyors these days. Why did I take a picture of a mismarked manhole and WHY am I explaining how it’s mismarked?  Because I’m such a geek.

Because Olivia is running the show today.

That’s why.

Goals this week – I’m hitting them. Tracking food, even when I want to cheat and ignore it. Like potato chips.  Oh they were good! I;m Drinking lots and lots of water and getting exercise despite the heat. Praying for us all, for strength and determination and an abundance of grace.

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