Honey?…The Filter Needs Changing

I have this nifty magnet on my fridge. It has a tiny blue light that flashes when the cartridge in water filter in the garage needs to be changed. This incredibly cool piece of technology came my way last summer, when the bottom rusted out of the water heater and flooded the garage, the softener gasped it’s last breath and the house filter expired – all in the same week. The new system we purchased and installed had all these bells and whistles that weren’t available when we built our house seventeen years ago.

The reason the little blue light is so cool is that I no longer have to go out into the garage, move the bicycles, skateboards and other kid paraphernalia, climb over the little bench that my husband built when he was a kid and now keeps for sentimentality and then try to peek behind the softener while aiming a flashlight in the general direction of the filter casing to see if it needs changed. The blue light lets me know that it’s time. Being the reasonably intelligent person that I am, I really don’t think there is some sort of psychic connection between the dirty filter and the flashing blue light on my fridge; I understand that it is simply a timer and the little blue light is the alarm. Wouldn’t it be neat, though if there were some kind of connection?

Better still, wouldn’t it be amazing if I had a little blue light, say, on my forehead that was connected to my soul? It could blink at me when I need my spiritual filter changed. It could remind me when I need confession, when I need to pray for myself as well as others, when I need to stop my day to day litany of “do this! do that!” and simply let God be. Best yet, this little light would save me the anguish of having to climb over and around the garage-like clutter of my sinful behavior, and let me get right to the point of changing my spiritual filter and recharging my soul.

Of course, a flashing blue light embedded in my forehead would be an odd fashion statement.

3 thoughts on “Honey?…The Filter Needs Changing

  1. Ah, yes, the Blue Lights. “Attention, K-Mart shoppers!” :-)Seriously, though, it’s so easy to neglect our spiritual lives. I’ve found that when I start crabbing at poor Husband Mike for no good reason, that’s my flashing blue light. Which is totally unfair to him, o’ course. Hmm, the idea of a flashing forehead light is looking better. 😛

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