All I Can Think to Say is …

…”Oh. My. Goodness.”

I never, ever in my wildest dreams thought that by shopping at my local grocery store, eating at my favorite restaurant or supporting a local charity that I would be supporting an organization such as Planned Parenthood. I had no idea!

A friend of mine has set me straight. I am called to be a good steward of the blessings God has provided. I’ve done my research, and as the primary budget keeper, food shopper and clothing purchaser of my household, I’m putting my money where my faith is – well, actually I’m NOT putting my money where my faith ISN’T. I’ve ordered the Boycott List from Life Decisions International, and once it arrives I’ll be reviewing it and then deliberatly boycotting products and services from companies who donate funds to Planned Parenthood. Furthermore, I’ll be instructing my investment manager to divert my hard earned retirement funds AWAY from these same companies.

It won’t be easy. I’ll have to stop buying used books from half.com, since eBay is on the Boycott List. I’ll no longer support the Susan B. Komen foundation – I’ll be sending my dontations directly to the American Cancer Society instead. I am willing to be inconvenienced to do what is right.

LDI points out in their Boycott List, “you do not want to cooperate with evil or help make it possible for others to do evil. If Company XYZ wants to find Planned Parenthood it will not be with the money God has placed in your care.”

Here’s how to order a Boycott List for your family. It includes a comprehensive list of brand names for each boycotted company as well as contact information, as well as an FAQ with guidance about how to write to these companies.

My boycott is small act of defiance by one angry Mom; hopefully to be joined with a million other small acts of defiance, all leading up to the eventual demise of Planned Parenthood.

5 thoughts on “All I Can Think to Say is …

  1. Way to go, Angela!When we got our copy, it was so distressing to see some of the companies we like on the list (Disney, sigh). There was some small comfort in seeing that ones we were sure would be on there, weren’t.The list is a handy, if sorrowful, tool in fighting the culture of death, and what keeps me hopeful are the updates LDI provides when they take companies off it! 😀

  2. I bet you pay slightly less attention to things like how well the places you shop treat their employees or if the good you buy were made by people living in terrible conditions. As a young woman who get my yearly pap tests and other basic health staples from a local Planned Parenthood I have to say it always disappoints me when people forget that they also do good things for women who might otherwise go without.

  3. Samantha, that was a rude reply to Angela’s post. Issues of life and death far outweigh how employees are treated, though of course, all should be treated fairly and honestly.As for saying that the “good” PP does outweighs the evil of its abortions, that’s like saying, “I have to say it always disappoints me when people forget that, even though Jane and John viciously beat their kids, they also do good things for them, like providing 3 meals a day and shelter.”And for an expose of PP’s skewed way of presenting stats on their “services”, see this explanation of their misleading math.

  4. Actually, Samantha, I DO pay attention to how the stores I patronize treat their employees. I refuse to shop at my local WalMart because of their “part time” policy that cuts employees off from adequate health care. I use the local farmer’s market for fresh fruit and veggies instead of buying from a grocery store whose supplier endorses unfair labor practices. I use a local pharmacy instead of a chain store because I know the family and how THEY give back to our community. I’m working on a way to get my car to work without gas. 🙂

  5. Hope it helps for you to know that there aren’t too many “grocery-type” items on the list anymore. I have been part of LDI’s boycott just about since it began.Please remember to contact those companies that you’ve stopped patronizing, and tell them WHY. That really works.

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