Saturday in the 21st Century

Yeah! It’s Saturday morning! Of course, this no longer means snuggling under the covers and snatching an extra hour of sleep – it means “JUMP OUT OF BED AND GET DRESSED BECAUSE IT’S TIME TO HEAD OUT TO KIDSPORTS/ACTIVITIES!!!”

I really don’t mind. I love watching Son#1 play basketball, and Son#2 do these amazing flips and tumbling things. I also adore listening to TeenDaughter#1 sing her opera pieces and I’m positively awed by TeenDaughter#2’s ability to create beautiful things from thin air. I do miss the sleep-in, though.

The rest of Saturday is spent procuring food for the tribe, tackling Mt. Washmore (laundry), tidying the abode and working on whatever school project for whichever kid is due next week.

Enjoy YOUR weekend!

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