Just so you can have another useless piece of information clogging up your brain cells, tornados do not make good alarm clocks. They can be an effective alarm clock, but totally unreliable for a long term committment.

Yessir – that’s how we woke up this morning at 4:30 am. A few trees down and lots of torn up vegetation, but no damage to any houses in our neighborhood. It touched down in open field.

SO – the rest of the day should be great!

Photo Courtesy of StarrySkies.com.

4 thoughts on “Tornado!

  1. Blimy! That sounds scary (and a little exciting to someone who's never seen a tornado)You have mad weather over there! Glad everything's ok though :)Incidentally, I can operate a welding torch (but not ski or dive) and I find them too scary for words.

  2. Hehehe – an effective alarm clock – that's so funny. I love your skirts! What pattern to you use, or do you just use instructions. I want to make myself and my sister some skirts.Help! LOL!Linda at Rattie4fun at Yahoo.com

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