Aprons on the Brain

I like love to cook. Really. I cook everyday for my family, volunteer to cook at church functions, make meals for friends who need a boost, bake my own bread, make jam and pickles – I am a bonafide Foodie!.

However…August is a struggle. It’s back to school time. It’s get back into the children’s activities time. It’s a gazillion degrees outside and it’s just too dang HOT here in north central Texas to turn on anything except the grill. (Hubby not included in this statement!)

So, I’ve turned my attention to wearing aprons and dreaming about cooler weather that will let me back into my kitchen, and I found another super wonderful Apron Celebration over at The Apron Goddesses. Click on Over and Partake of the Goodness!

3 thoughts on “Aprons on the Brain

  1. I just finished a couple aprons today. I think they are so cute if I say so myself. I only have one problem. Well maybe two, I need to make a couple more and I can only wear one at a time. I am going to post the pictures on my blog.

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