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Notes – June 10, 2015

2015.06.10Why, yes! Yes this IS my own Color Affection, and I’ve finally made it to the border!!  I’ve been knitting away on this forever, a few rows at a time, and now the end it in sight.  I have another skein of purple, so this border may end up about three inches wide…I’m just going to knit until I run out of yarn.

I’m using Classic Elite Vail (naturally colored grey and cream) and Villa (dyed purple).  It’s a lusciously soft alpaca and bamboo blend.

Reading this week – not much.  I’m spending time with Dorothy Levitt, my road bike!

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Notes – December 10, 2014

Craftiness for this week:


Shhhh….its’ the start of a Christmas present!

Yarn – Madeline Tosh Sock in Charcoal

Reading?   Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children,  notes for a Risk Management class, Knitting Rules

I love seeing what other people are knitting and reading – so, what are you knitting or crocheting right now? What are you reading?  Share with us by linking up with us over at  Ginny‘s…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Notes – December 3, 2014

How are you being crafty this week?  The pink socks are finished, so I’ve pulled out a work-in-progress that’s also been on my needles for a while:  my own Color Affection.  The yarn is a luscious blend of baby alpaca and bamboo – I cannot wait to wear this wrap!

2014.12.03 2014.12.03(2)

Yarn – Classic Elite Vail in Chestnut and Parchment colorways, and Villa in Amethyst.

And that adorable project bag?  An original from Wanda at Reinventing Mother.  She has a Etsy shop, Drawstrings, for her beautiful bags, and they’re 15% off this week with the coupon code CYBERWEEK14.  Fabric bags are wonderful alternatives to wrapping paper….go check out Wanda’s store.  Her work is absolutely impeccable, and she finds the prettiest fabrics to create with!

Reading?   Advent Devotions with Jenny at The Littlest Way submittals for utility installations, concrete mix designs and geotechnical lab reports.  I miss the Outlander books!!

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Notes – November 12, 2014

How are you being crafty this week?  I’m working on these:


These socks.  THESE SOCKS have been in my needles for wa.a.a.a.a.y too long.  You see, I started them back around Valentine’s Day to learn how to knit toe up socks.  I worked on the first sock during chemo, then finished it and made it just past the heel on the second sock the week I was in the hospital with pneumonia. They sort of lounged around during the rest of the summer, because I wanted to work on other things.  I pulled them out a few weeks ago to wrap up, but realized that every time I touched the darn things, my head instantly went back to those awful weeks when I was so very, very sick. And I no longer liked the intricate cables that originally pulled me to the pattern. SO…I frogged the first sock back to the same level as the half finished second sock and strung them both on a single, very long cable needle so I could teach myself “Two Socks at a Time with Magic Loop”.  I fiddled around with making up a fancy leg, hated it, frogged again and am now declaring them to be plain vanilla toe up socks.  I have to get them done ASAP, because I need the cable needle to make Mr. Pea’s Christmas present!

Yarn – Colinette Jitterbug in Fuchsia

Reading?   More like Proofreading.  That storm water management plan laying under my socks. It’s due soon, and I need to wrap it up just a quickly as the socks!  I’m also still engrossed in the Outlander series; I finished both Dragonfly in Amber and Voyager, and am now a few chapters into An Echo in the Bone.  

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Crafty – September 3, 2014

Hydref (2) Hydref (4)I have wanted to make a fall themed scarf for a long, long time.  I’ve been browsing through patterns for leaf edged beauties, and then this caught my eye…a test knit for a favorite designer, Abigail Phelps of Blackberry Knits.  I raised my hand, yelled “Me! Me! Pick Me!” and Voila!!  I’m working on a gorgeous scarf that looks like giant leaves strung together!

I’m using Madeline Tosh merino light, “Magnolia Leaf”.  Even more decadent is that the scarf is kissed with scattered glass beads in an antique gold color, and each leaf is tipped with cut glass drop beads.

Reading this week – Philippians and The 4:8 Principal: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life with friends over at The Littlest Way. I’ve also been nudging along with the Outlander series; I’m halfway through Dragonfly in Amber.  

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Yarn Along

Sweet FeetA quick break from my Color Affection to whip up a sweet pair of baby shoes for Sue’s new granddaughter!

…Yes, I knit at my desk during my lunch break…that’s my keyboard in the background.

As for reading?  Nothing exciting – a traffic impact study for a project I’m working on, the local urban forestry ordinance and a set of specs for a bridge. Really.

Linking up with Ginny…hop over and see what everyone is making.

Knit Something. Keep the Faith.

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Minutes – May 13


Praying for

  • friends – as they navigate the uncertainty of unemployment, for the blessing of work
  • my children – that they all embrace learning, especially DirtBike.  That he, with the help of the teachers and education specialists, learns new ways to stay focused and organized and that he truly learns to appreciate and enjoy school
  • my parents – as they discern their life path heading into retirement
  • my sister – for backbone and integrity, that she find the gumption to finish school, and the proper attitude to search for gainful employment that will support herself and her sons
Grateful for
  • a new job
  • my husband, kids, friends and extended family, all who have bolstered my spirits and held me up in prayer during the past six weeks of heartache and change
  • A few weeks off until my new job begins, time to pray, regroup, get my house in order and enjoy my blessings


Stress works as an effective diet tool, but it’s NOT a very healthy one. I’ve lost a considerable about of weight over the past six weeks from pure worry, and I’m feeling it.  My vain inner brat Olivia is turning cartwheels, but my rational grown up self knows that I have lost muscle tone, endurance and strength along with these pounds.  I’m focusing on eating well and getting plenty of rest for the next few weeks, as well as getting back to some regular exercise.


Thinking about pride and humility.


Knitting like a crazed woman.  It’s been soothing to my anxious mind.  I’ve finished a blanket, two baby sweaters, and half of a summer sweater.  I’m going to teach Princess Pea how to knit this week.  She needs it, too.

Gardening.  Our yard and gardens have suffered mightily from the ongoing drought and extreme temperatures over the past many years.  It’s time to regroup, rethink and replace the 15-year old drip irrigation system. Lots of digging in my immediate future.  Can digging be creative?

FINALLY selecting the paint color for the house trim.  I hereby announce to the world that I WILL slap those sample colors onto garage panels and pick one before this week is over.  Please hold me accountable if I don’t announce a selection by next Monday.


  • Polynesian Chicken, Strawberry Shortcake
  • Burgers with Mushrooms, Southwest Chopped Salad
  • Asian Chicken Salad
  • Fish Tacos, Black Beans
  • Mufalettas
  • Pizza Night!
  • Beef Kabobs, Grilled Corn, Berries


It’s been conspicuously absent for what feels like forever, but Fun IS coming back to the Pea Home!  Fun this week includes a movie date with Cherry Ames and Princess Pea, roasting marshmallows after dinner, studying for finals.  Yes, studying for finals.  I’ve been telling The Architect and Dirtbike for years that studying is fun.  They still don’t buy it, silly boys.


The Architect and Friends

Cardboard Boat Regata

Yes, that is my oldest son.  He made a boat out of cardboard, rowed it in a race and won for rowing the fastest and for having a beautiful boat. Amazing. I am a very proud Mama, and I’m also glad that our garage no longer smells like a chemical factory.  Have you ever tried to waterproof cardboard?  It takes several weeks of hauling the boat to and from school, conferring with the engineering and physics teachers, many hours researching and the application of multiple coats of multiple types of sealants. And lots of glue, paper tape and red spray paint.

Princess PeaPrincess Pea, captured by The Architect.  My children know and use my camera better than I do!

::looking ahead

New beginnings. Hope.

Oil changes for all vehicles, taking The Architect to get his driver’s license,  new glasses with a stronger bifocal, a haircut, enjoying having the daughters home for a little while before summer classes start,

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 Record the Minutes.  Keep the Faith.

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