Hurry Up Fall!

Blech….it’s not quite fall, but summer is completely spent, and I’m completely discouraged disgusted with the entire process. Seriously – I’m fed up with being hot and sweaty. I’m ready for beef stew and other hot food, bread baking and sweaters. Summers are interminal down here in Texas, and it’s enough to drive a woman insane.

On the bright side – it’s raining! In fact, it has been raining steadily for three whole days. We’ve had more rain this weekend than we’ve seen all year, and it is blessedly, gloriously wonderful. Our trees are just gasping with relief as they pull themselves back from the brink of permanent dormancy, and the critters all seem happy and frolicsome. The possums and racoons have been sneaking into the garage. The kids think it’s because they want to get out of the rain; personally, I think they’re after the dogfood bin. Seriously – they leave the umbrellas alone, but scamper to tip over the bin and snatch kibble at every opportunity.

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One thought on “Hurry Up Fall!

  1. Down in Austin we've had a pretty mild September and October compared to the blazing heat of years past! It is no traditional fall season though, for sure. Hang in there!

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