Oh yes. I am wanty today – for furniture! I want astonishing, fantastic furniture, the kind that professional designers high on their chai tea pick out for “high-faluting” types of places.

First, there’s this amazing sofa from the lobby of the The Crown Plaza in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is actually pyramid shaped with three sides. This photo is looking straight at one of the benches. It would probably fill my living room top to bottom side to side, but what fun it would be to sit on. The lovely models, from left to right are: Teen Niece#1, Teen Daughter#2 and Teen Daughter#1.

Then, there is this amazing arm chair, half of a pair sitting in the atrium of the Embassy Suites in Moore, Oklahoma. The seat cushion is lime green leather, embossed with some sort of lizard/snake pattern. The back is bright purple irridescent leather, all shimmery and shiny in a pumped up grape kind of way. These chairs just scream “Take Me Home!”. Sadly, they wouldn’t fit in my handbag.




Finally, from the same Embassy Suite, are what I call the “Alice In Wonderland” chairs. Deep reddish brown leather, very narrow armchairs with these incredibly tall, flared backs. They would be PERFECT in my dining room, if it was about six feet wider and at least thirty feet long. I really tried to convince my husband that these chairs are so magnificent, so WORTHY of the ginormous home improvement project of enlarging that same dining room to accomodate eight of these chairs and the eighteen foot long table that I have yet to find.

He laughed. Out loud.

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