Christmas Tour of Our Home

Just because I’m nosey enough to want to see pictures of other people’s homes all decked out for Christmas, and because at this moment my own home is immaculate presentable from hosting a party for fifty seven teenagers Saturday evening complete with bonfire in the lower field, I’ve dropped my name in the list at Tip Junkie for the Virtual Tour of Homes.

Here’s our Christmas Tree, in all it’s sparkly glory. It’s tall. Very tall, because I foolishly wanted a tree that would touch the ceiling in the living room. It holds thousands of ornaments. Literally. Last count was 1,631 most of them handmade or embellished by me and the kids. Twenty seven years worth of collecting.


The next to last stocking on the right, the one that looks a little lumpy belongs to Preteen Son#2. It currently contains a handful of hazelnuts, a miniature Bionicle figurine and a Snickers bar pilfered from his older sister, ALL of which I am not supposed to know about.

The dining room…yes, it really is pink, homage to my friend r.a. in Sandwich. Actually, it was pink before I ever met r.a., but has since been reassigned to credit her, as she is the most fanatic pink fan I’ve ever met!

Part of my snowman collection! Perhaps there are so many of these cold little friends because I have a bizzare fascination for snow, which we hardly ever see here in Texas?


xmas097 xmas096

I love the cheerful little guy on the left – what joy! I made the tall skinny guys on the right from newel posts.

The Santa below was my very first attempt at ceramics. I poured the slip, did the firing and painted him about 20 years ago. And then promptly broke the top of his staff off the very first Christmas! It’s become a family joke that Santa’s hand gets glued back on every year.


This little fellow is one of my favorites, presented to me by Teen Son#1 a few years ago. He’s so quirky with his lopsided hat, cock-eyed expression and belly full of styrafoam puffs.


Merry Christmas!

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