Seven Red Things

I’ve been tagged by Su!
Two simple rules:
1. Post photos of 7 red things in your home.
2. Tag 7 people to do the same.

Teen Daughter#1’s Pillows

Teen Daughter#2’s Makeup Bag

Darts in the Sunroom

Funky berry sprays, also in the Sunroom

Classic Cookbooks!

Carved wooden mug and spoons from Russia

Apples in the family room
I tag Julie with the awesome select focus camera lens, Darling Petunia, Toby who doesn’t have a blog, but who will be a guest poster here at my blog, Hillary, Care who I dare to post seven red I Spy squares, Tami who Wants to Play Too, and Beccy.

3 thoughts on “Seven Red Things

  1. Oh Angela! You take such great pictures… and something about the lighting in that last picture with the apples. I just love it.

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