One Small Change – March

I have joined Hip Mountain Mama’s One Small Change challenge for 2010. The challenge is to make one change each month leading up to Earth Day, April 22. It can be small or it can be huge, something I will do to make a positive green impact and follow through with it.
Note to My Family – I’ll be dragging you along with me!

If every one of my readers would make four changes between January and April, can you just imagine the effect?  If you want to be a part of this amazing and life changing challenge, pop over to One Small Change for details.

Our one small change for March is to complete the switch to CFL’s.  I replaced all of the regular bulbs in the house with CFL’s a couple of years ago, but I was holding back on replacing the indoor and outdoor floodlights – at roughly $22 a pop, this was going to pinch a bit!  However, during our freak snowstorm a few weeks ago with subfreezing temperatures, our aged outdoor floodlights bit the dust.  I hopped right over to WallyWorld (WalMart to you northerners) with the intent of buying outdoor CFL’s.  Imagine my delighted suprise to see that the prices on all CFL floodlights have come down quite a bit! 
I’ve now replaced all of the outdoor lights, the indoor floodlights, and even the indoor spotlights, and our home is now illuminated 100% with CFL’s – and natural sunlight, of course. 
I’m pleased to report that we have returned to our regular winter temperatures for north central Texas. It’s a balmy 57 degrees today, and the sun is shining in a bright blue sky!

Angela Pea
Image courtesy of www.bulborama.com

3 thoughts on “One Small Change – March

  1. This is a great change! I always replace regular bulbs with cfl's but for some reason never thought about the outdoor lights. That is what is so great about this challenge, I am really enjoying reading everyone's changes and I inspired to do more myself.Thanks for commenting on my blog, I hope I hope the bread recipe works out for you.Michelle

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