Friday Favorites – Ladybird Johnson and Bluebonnets

  It’s Friday, which means it’s time for Hillary’s Friday Favorites Blog Carnival!  Hop over to The Other Mama and join the fun.

It’s now April in Texas, which means my Friday Favorites for this week are an absolute no-brainer:  Ladybird Johnson and her Bluebonnets.  If you drive down any Texas highway for the next month or so and turn your head in any direction  pull over to the side of the road THEN turn your head in any direction, this is what you will see.

Image courtesy of Weather.com

A sea of blue. 


Ladybird Johnson is a Texas Legend by all standards.  While we are filled with admiration at her guts for supporting desegregation and for her amazing dimplomacy during the Johnson’s White House years, we love her for her environmental work, especially for establishing programs to protect and propogate native Texas wildflowers.  (You can learn more at the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center.)
No respectable Texas home would be complete without its own patch of blue.  I’ll leave you with a snapshot of the bluebonnets in my front yard.

Bless You, Ladybird Johnson! 

 Angela Pea

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Ladybird Johnson and Bluebonnets

  1. I just drove back to the Houston area, yesterday, from central Texas. What normally takes 4 hours, took 5 1/2 hours because I was stopping so often to take pictures of all the wildflowers along the highway… Yes! Bless your heart, Ladybird Johnson! E.

  2. I found you via WR. Gorgeous pics. I live in WI and I love driving around and seeing grassy hills and cows. It's so nice to see vast stretches of color like that.BTW…if you're interestedhttp://thethriftygarderobe.blogspot.com

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