Flashback – Naming the Dog

Our dog is a foundling.  He and his siblings were dumped in our country neighborhood when they were babies, and we took him in.  It was a gamble, because Husband was away on a business trip, and we sort of fell in love and said yes to the dog without consulting the head of our household.  I told the kids we couldn’t give him a name until Daddy returned home and said we could keep him.

Daddy (Bless Him!) caved to five sets of pleading eyes, and thus ensued the search for the perfect name. I wanted to name him Guy Noir a-la Garrision Keillor’s famous character on Prairie Home Companion, but my next door neighbor goes by ‘Guy’ and I didn’t want Lara to think I was always yelling at her hubby.
The kids compiled a list of their favorite names and then I performed the “name test”.  I actually went out into the back yard and yelled the chosen name across the lower forty to be sure that a) it would carry all the way to the gully; b) I wouldn’t feel stupid yelling the name; and c) no other dogs or stray kids came running expecting a free meal.
We ended up with Max.  Short for Maxwell Noir.

 Angela Pea

2 thoughts on “Flashback – Naming the Dog

  1. Congratulations on the new family member. I hope you rarely have to yell his name for anything bad.We have a similar situation here. We intercepted a litter of kittens and their mom on the way to the shelter, which is very overflowing these days. Found responsible homes for several, but 2 of the boys are staying, and Mom too, until we can find someone willing to take her and spay her.However, the man of the house was away this weekend and still does not know they are here. We are not letting the “boys” leave, (regardless of what dad says)but will let him in on the naming choices.

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