Bribery…Can It Work for Me?

Well, Duh!!

For my entire adult life, I’ve considered food to be a ‘reward’ – for good behaviour, for outstanding effort, for making it through a rough week.  Since I’m such a wonderful person *wink*, I’ve indulged way too much over the past decade.  Ice Cream for this, cookies for that, enchiladas and fajitas for every occasion!  It shows on my butt, across my stomach and over my thighs. 
Being the self-absorbed sort of person that I am, I still need some sort of external motivation to stick with this new lifestyle.  I’m starting with these shoes:
I actually already own these shoes, but they are still in the box, brand new and unworn.  When I hit 10 pounds lost, they’re mine!
At 15 pounds, I’m treating myself to Windows 7 and additional RAM for my laptop. Mostly because that milestone will probably coincide with Teen Daughter#1’s departure for college, and she will be taking the newer laptop with her. I’ll have to update the older one so I can tolerate it!
At 20 pounds, I’m going to treat myself to a sewing bonanza, ignore my family for an entire weekend and put together this fabulous Amy Butler bag that I cut out a year ago, but never finished.
At 25 pounds, I will treat myself to new jeans, because I’ll need them by then…but only one pair, because I won’t be at goal.
At 30 pounds, I plan to remake a favorite necklace of mine, updating it with some pearl beads and sterling findings. I have all the materials for this refashion, as well as the raw materials to put together a new necklace with an amazing carnelian centerpiece.
At 35 pounds, I think I’d like to have a ton of gravel to line my garden paths.
At 40 pounds…new clothes for work.  I intend to tailor my clothing as I go (thank heavens I know how to sew!), but most of my clothes now are pretty aged.  By the time I hit goal, I’ll be ready for a total splurge at fabric store and my favorite dress shop.
I better start saving some cash now! 

2 thoughts on “Bribery…Can It Work for Me?

  1. Those are all great ideas, and I love the bag!Now I have a new project in mind: to create a pretty bag for my yoga mat and strap. Once I get over the fatigue enough to do the projects I already have in queue.

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