Weigh-In Day and a NSV

Weigh-In Day and I was up a pound, but I’m not upset about it [this week] because Mr. Pea and I attended a scrumptious Auction Dinner, then it was Mr. Pea’s birthday, and over the week I indulged in chocolate Easter eggs, beer, chocolate cake and full on fat chicken cheese enchiladas.  Not together, of course, because everyone knows that beer goes with peanut butter cookies, not chocolate cake. Was it worth it?  YES!!! EVERY BITE!!!

I’m ramping it up this week with exercise and that pound will be history by Tuesday afternoon.

I’m also not upset because of this.  Remember this picture from last fall?  I was just all darned excited that day about rewarding myself with green shoes and I was elated that this brown skirt was too loose. 
I took that skirt in two inches in February.  TWO INCHES.  I pulled it out of my closet last night and ironed it to wear today.  I put it on this morning, pulled the zip and busted out laughing.  It was so loose that it sagged down below the top of my panties. Seriously. However, I was running late and too slacking to iron anything else so I bunched it up with a safety pin at the zip, pulled my top down over it and went on my way. 

I am walking around today with my skirt pinned shut so that it doesn’t fall off.  

How Cool is THAT??

 EMail Anglea Pea


Oh Frabjous Day!

Jumping for Joy
image courtesy Dale Taylor Photography
See that box at the right? The one called “Today”?  It’s been updated.
For those of you who’ve been keeping track, you know I’ve been plateaued FOREVER.  Almost forever.  I’m staying OP – never eating my weeklies, and working off any points over my dailies.  Gain an ounce, lose an ounce. Run, bike, Zumba my fanny all over the place and the darned scale wouldn’t budge.  Wont’ budge  I tell you.
I was reminded by my WWLeader that not all victories are scale victories (though they can often be the sweetest!) and that I needed to look at the big  shrinking picture.  She urged me to measure myself and track that progress as well. 
Since it’s been ages since I posted the stats on the blog, I pulled out the tape measure and WOW!!! I’ve shrunk!  My overall weight has gone down just a pound or so in the past few months, but my BMI is lower, and my body fat percentage (calculated using circumference measurements all over and caliper measurements of skin folds is 25.0%, firmly at the lower end of normal!  I’m almost considered to be in the “fit” range!!

 I’ve come a long way from obese, baby!EMail Anglea Pea


No More Tears

Image courtesty
Yes, I know I’ve posted here and elsewhere how it’s about the healthy habits, the exercise, the journey…everything else besides The Number.  I’m a [sometimes] fraud.  Because when that number stalls and stays stalled for daysweeksmonths, it really stinks.  It gets hard to stay positive, and the self incrimination tape starts rolling through your head.  “I’m so fat.  I’m a failure. I can’t do this.”


This time I didn’t quit.  I cried in front of folks at WW. I ranted and raved about the injustice of it all and the unfairness of the struggle.  I hated the scale that just laughed at me and gave me a higher number even when I burned more calories than I ate.

   And I kept going. I exercised.  I counted every bite. I kept going. And this week, after all these weeksmonths, I saw results.  2.6 pounds down.EMail Anglea Pea