Checking In

I’m alive, and another pound and a half down, which means…I’m wearing those shoes RIGHT NOW!! LOL!  Seriously.  Wearing scruffy, comfy clothes and the ridiculous shoes. 
Running went to the wayside at the end of last week, so I’ll be doin week two over again.  I had to go off of all of my allergy medications in preparation for tomorrow morning’s testing, and I’ve been absolutely miserable.  I can hardly breathe, much less run outdoors.  I did, however, cut way back on any extra calories to compensate, and did as much exercise indoors as possible, including scrubbing all three bathrooms top to bottom AND – cleaning the refridgerator and freezer!!  Wow!  Just as soon as the Dr. stabs my skin all over with allergens and finishes drawing blood samples, I’m taking my anthistimines and will hit the pavement!


3 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Oh it sounds awful, I really feel for you. My sister has terrible allergies at this time of year. I always feel sorry for her because there wwas me driving along yesterday through these glorious fields of yellow rape seed and I just know in the back of my head she is somewhere with a stinking head ache, streaming eyes and sneezing away – she just can't seem to find anything that helps it.Brilliant news on the weight loss and the shoes! Ooh! The shoes! Well done 😀 You should do some catwalk posing photos for us 😛

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