Learning to Run – Week Two Do-Over, First Run

Did it.  Learned two things:
1.  I love my inhaler with it’s yummy puff of albuterol.
2.  It’s easier to run downhill than uphill.

3 thoughts on “Learning to Run – Week Two Do-Over, First Run

  1. Downhill, for any length of time, is more likely to cause blisters.I admire you for doing this in spite of asthma. It's too easier to let our illness define us, instead of managing the illness.

  2. Hi Angela, thanks for stopping by. I think I'm definitely going to try your breakfast idea – sounds yum!This is the official Quorn site. http://www.quorn.co.uk/Home/ It comes in lots of different flavours, on it's own it's quite bland but when added to stuff like curries, bolognese, stews etc it's yum! It takes on flavours very well 🙂 I started using it when I was vegetarian, there was only a limited range then wheras there is loads of different products in the range now. I still eat it 95% of the time over 'proper' meat. It's so versatile.

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