Sew What! – First Project

Seriously…I really did make a denim skirt!  However, I made it for Teen Daughter#2, who tossed it in her bag and promptly left for her best friend’s house last Thursday evening.  I’ve barely seen her since then, much less been able to pin her down to take a picture or two. 
It’s a plain vanilla cut the legs off a pair of jeans and make a teeny-tiny mini skirt. There was a little manipulation of the seams, a quick stitch around the bottom and then trimming of the leftover fringe after washing.  All told, it took me a total of 30 minutes, not including washing machine or clothesline time.
I have a devious plan for this weeks project.  It’s not exactly a purse as directed, but it will be something to hold something else, and it’s a functional article that I REALLY need!!  I plan to use up some stash fabric for this one, and to practice my applique skills for the required verbage decoration.

Angela Pea

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