Back in the Saddle and Running Again

Holy Cow, last week and this have been a bear.  I had a HUGE project at work to finish that consumed every waking moment and entailed several last minute revisions from the client and lots of overtime for me and my team.  Grrrr – I work very hard at keeping ahead of design schedules so that we don’t get into a panic situation at the end of  project with a deadline looming.  It’s so frustrating when changes get tossed in at the eleventh hour.
That said, I didn’t get a whole lot of exercise in, other than quick 30 minute breaks during the day to run down to the gym, spend 20 minutes on the treadmill and then 10 minutes cleaning up. I held steady, and despite the stress, lost another pound.  We wrapped up and delivered review sets today, so I came home early and went to the Y with my daughters.  Now I have a confession.
I really, REALLY like running on those super nice high tech treadmills with built in televisions.
There I said it.  It is SO much easier to run on a treadmill than to run outside, especially when the thermometer is showing triple digits and the heat index is hovering around 110 degrees. I easily ran for two miles tonight.  Can I have one of those machines at home?


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