Sew What! – Project Two

I’ve joined my bloggy friend Cynthia from The Sewing Dork, and her friend Michelle from Until Wednesday Calls for Sew What!, a summer sew-along.  Participants pick their fabric and tackle the challenge projects.   The second projects assigned was to make a bag/ purse/ clutch and decorate it with words.

Admittedly, I stretched the definition of “bag” for this project, and turned out a new clothespin bag for the clothesline!  I really needed a new on, as my current one had a big hole in the bottom and was spewing pins all over the lawn. 
As you can see, this is actually an apron, but since its purpose is to hold and carry pins, technically, it’s a bag. Or a very large pocket.  I used the tutorial here at My Byrd House to make this.  The changes I made were to make the back of the bag out of two layers of fabric back-to-back for more stability, and to make bias tape ties instead of a waistband.
As for the word art, I cut out letters on the bias and simply stitched them on with a running stitch in heavy quilters thread.  I’m hoping that they fray a little for some textural interest.
The entire project is made from stash materials – in fact, I used up every smidgen of the funky geometric print!

Angela Pea

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